Jailbreak your iPhone

Jailbreak iPhone 3G OS 3.0 With RedSn0w on Windows Mac


The iPhone Dev team released (coming Soon)their much awaited software solution to unlock iPhone 3G OS 3.0 with UltraSn0w a replacement of YellowSn0w. However to install their UltraSn0w application to unlock iPhone 3G, you need to first jailbreak iPhone 3G. So here is a step-by-step guide to jailbreak iPhone 3G using RedSn0w for Windows and Mac users. For unlocking your iPhone 3G first jailbreak with following guide after a successful jailbreak follow our guide on Unlocking iPhone 3G with UltraSn0w. For more information on UltraSn0w check here. Before getting started please ensure that you have upgraded iTunes to iTunes 8.2 Final version.



Download of Interest :

  • iTunes 8.2           Download here
  • RedSn0w            Download here
  • iPhone Firmware 3.0 for iPhone 3G
  • First of all update your iPhone to 3.0

    Step One : Create a folder on desktop and name it whatever you wants in the following article we named it iHackintosh. Now put all your downloaded files in the iHackintosh folder. Now connect your iPhone to the computer and launch RedSn0w from iHackintosh folder. In the Window click on the browse button to navigate to the iHackintosh folder on your desktop and select the 3.0 firmware ipsw.

    RedSn0w 1

    Step Two : Click the Open button to continue

    RedSn0w 2

    Step Three : In next Window check the Install Cydia option to Jailbreak your iPhone 3G.


    Step Four : Now turn off your iPhone but make sure it is still plugged in to USB port. If you satisfies this term then click next to proceed the next step is to put your iPhone in DFU mode.

    RedSn0w 4

    Step Five : To put your iPhone in to DFU mode follow the onscreen instructions as follows Hold the Power button for 3 seconds, Hold the Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and continuing holding the Home button until your iPhone is in DFU mode.


    Step Six : If all goes well means you put your iPhone in DFU mode successfully then the following screen will appear otherwise you will be prompted to do from Step Five

    RedSn0w 6

    Step Seven : That’s it after 5 to 8 minute of process you will get your hands on a Jailbreaked and unlocked iPhone 🙂



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    1. Handeep March 16, 2010 Reply

      Hey i have iphone 3g…
      i have restore it with 3.0 OS and unlocked with red snow 0.8
      Everything went well now my phone is displaying that connect it to itunes. When i do so then itunes display a message that your phone is in recovery mode and you restore it…
      I did twice bt it displays same msg..

    2. Usman January 7, 2010 Reply

      I have iphone 3G currently on os 2.2

      I downloaded the firmware 3.0 and redsnow 0.8. When i double click on the redsnow.exe and browse for .ipsw file, redsnow doesn’t recognise it.

      I downloaded it way back when 3.0 came out from itunes (so the files fine), just didn’t upgrade.

      My question is, does the phone have to be on 3.0 for redsnow to recognise the .ipsw? or its just my pc’s problem, coz i cannot afford to upgrade and not jailbreak as i need the unlock.

    3. Jody December 29, 2009 Reply

      will not install clydia. performed procedure 15 times and no clydia or icy.

    4. LakenS October 27, 2009 Reply

      Hi! Im trying to jailbreak my iphone 3gs. I followed everything and the screen comes up and says Done! but the phone is stuck on a black screen and this is after it says rebooted and finsished. I unplugged it and plugged it back in really quick. i have re downloaded all downloads needed for this. not only that but i have re-tried this about 10 times and even restored my phone and lost everything. and it still doesnt work. Can someone help me.. im really going crazy!!

    5. Malik October 11, 2009 Reply

      i got iphone 3g 16gb with all unlock and other options and it was working fine until i upgraded the firmware to 3.1 from itunes site.After the mistake i had done ph went in emergency calls mode and requested for a valid sim.After that using the tutorial on http://www.ihackintosh.com/2009/06/jailbreak-iphone-3g-os-30-redsn0w-windows-mac/ i was able to reach installing activation bundles and i am struck here for last 30 mins.Kindly help.
      Itune ver:9.2
      Redsnow ver:0.8
      OS: Windows XP
      FW downloaded thru itune with 1015 error: 3.0.1
      FW being downloaded thru redsnow: 3.0
      i have no idea regarding baseband and other info.

      Waiting for an urgent response and this is the all only ph i had.

    6. Sir Tank October 7, 2009 Reply

      First of all I want to thank you for the great tutorial. I managed to update my iPhone 3G to 3.0 and Jailbreak it using redsn0w ver 0.8, unfortunately after the jailbreak, for some reason I can no longer access the internet, even with my wifi. Any information would be really appreciated. Thank you

    7. Zakizzy October 1, 2009 Reply

      I downloaded and installed the FW as directed onto my 3G.

      It’s stuck at:
      – “Downloading Jailbreak Data” on phone
      – “Uploading Kernel” on laptop

      It’s been there for about an hour now.

      Then all of a sudden, my iphone turned off… and the screen is blank!!

      But the screen on the computer is the exact same!!

      And it’s been stuck there for a while now.

    8. Troest October 1, 2009 Reply

      Never mind my other post, got i working now.

      All i did was:

      1. downgraded the iphone using iTunes 9.2 til FW 3.0.1

      2. ignored the 1015 error.

      3. rebooted the device.

      4. used redsn0w with FW 3.0 to JB (remember cydia)

      5. used cydia to DL ultrasn0w and unlocked.

      6. used fuzzyband to downgrade bandbase from 5.08 to 4.26.08

      i did this a couple of times, before it worked. i recoment that you use iRecovery to clear the device if it dosent work.

      Now that was my brothers phone.

      my own phone have bandbase 5.09, which is a pain.
      I have an old ‘Mr. Unlocking’ SIM card addon chip, i tryed with it the ultrasn0w unlock, and it did something that allowed me to see my serviceproviders, which i coundt seen before. besides that no change what so ever.

      ill just have to wait til the devs update fuzzy to DG 5.09 😀 but i use skype with wifi at home and at work, which its okay, while i wait.

      thx to Vinay and devs for taking time to help us

    9. treee October 1, 2009 Reply

      Hey it gets stuck a reboot? I tried to download the 3.0 firmware again, but it still doesn’t work. Maybe i downloaded the 3.0 firmware wronge idk? But it wont get out of reboot.

    10. Karina September 30, 2009 Reply

      I did the exact steps everything worked fine until I got to step 6. It was stuck on that page, wasn’t doing anything for a while. I have the redsn0w 0.8
      How can I fix this problem?

    11. Troest September 29, 2009 Reply


      I got a iPhone 3g from a friend who got the 3gs.. repaired the cracked screen.
      Now im trying to JB it following you guide. First i downgraded it to 3.0 following you guide (http://www.ihackintosh.com/2009/09/how-to-downgrade-iphone-os-3-1-to-3-0-for-iphone-2g-3g-3gs/)
      then iTunes gave me the 1015 error message.. and i ignored it as you said i should. then i used redsn0w to JB and after it downloaded the JB data to the phone, it paused the install at INstallng Activation Bundles for 15-20 min it restarts and it is stuck in the ‘connect USB to iTunes icon’ mode.
      Done a couple of times with same outcome.. not sure what to do next. og how even get t back to normal without installing 3.1.
      The plan is to unlock it.. but after i JB it, do i need a valid SIM to over it and unlock it?


    12. Gupu September 24, 2009 Reply

      To Sheldon & Navjit : you may read “Get Rid of iPhone from Recovery Mode Loop on Restart” – another iHackintosh article.
      Need to read over & over the procedure in the article (+ the comments)since it is not straight forward.

      It works for some cases (read the comments) but unfortunately it did not work for me.
      Finally, I went to cell phone shop & paid them to fix my iphone (ouch ..).

    13. sala September 22, 2009 Reply

      I have a problem, every time i install firmware 3.0 i get the 1015 error message and i continue with redst0rm and it works fine until it gets to the waiting for reboot screen and it spends all day there and never moves forward. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.

    14. Navjit September 20, 2009 Reply

      Hi. I followed all the direction just as said. It s running smoothly but then it came back to the Recovery screen. I don’t know why. Any help?

    15. Sheldon September 19, 2009 Reply

      Can someone help, I followed all the steps but when its done jailbreaking it reboots and itunes detects a iphone in recovery mode still, what is the problem anyone know I would really appreciate it…

    16. gupu September 18, 2009 Reply

      Vinay / any body …
      My iphone 3G (OS 2.2.1 FW04.26.08) was successfully jailbroken & unlocked.
      Then I upgraded into OS 3.0 & jailbroke following the steps in this article but ended up in Restore Mode (showing iTunes & USB plug). Re-did the procedure several times & having the same result. Pressing power & home did not help.
      I am using Vista Home Premuim Service Pack 1.
      Pls somebody help me ………

    17. Edwin September 12, 2009 Reply

      hi, I am going to recieve an iPhone for my birthday..

      my question is:

      My sister bought this iPhone in UK and not sure if she send the sim card that works with it, so, can I jailbreak and unlock my iPhone without the sim?

      Another Question:

      I’m not using mac, can I do all of these in windows?

      • Vinay September 12, 2009 Reply

        @ Edwin Nope you needn’t the SIM during the jailbreak process. Yes you can do it on Windows also.

    18. Dog1 September 5, 2009 Reply

      lol at david. Thank you so much I had the same, “freezes at waiting to reboot” problem as a few here and you seemed to have solved it for me.

    19. Jeff Roselli September 4, 2009 Reply

      Ok Guys, Here is my dilema.

      I ran the jailbreak redsn0w version .8 and then used the 3.0 ipsw. So far so good it works then run the updates in cydia and thats fine. Then I goto install cracked programs from Installious then reboot the Iphone 3g and it bricks everytime after powering it off then on. However if I just leave the phone on its fine. Any Ideas would greatly be appreceited.

      I am running Vista Premium 32
      Iphone 3g 16g on baseband 5.11.04

      if you need more details email me

    20. Kelly August 29, 2009 Reply

      THANK YOU! Had a little trouble going into DFU mode but only because I panicked and didn’t really read the instructions. But THANKS!

    21. david August 26, 2009 Reply

      When it gets to the rebooting screen and freezs just unplug it and plug it back in real quick
      It worked for me

    22. Randi August 16, 2009 Reply

      A huge “thank you” from Norway!
      I tried like a 145 times before it finally worked!
      If you get the “unable to recognize specified IPSW” message, try to install Mozilla Firefox, and download the iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore link through FireFox.
      That worked for me.

      Good luck, and keep up the good work!

    23. Jordan August 15, 2009 Reply

      Hey guys! Well I have an Iphone 3G, Not jailbroken or unlocked yet. And It currently has a 3.0 FW, I was wondering if I needed an At&t Sim card to bypass the emergency calls only screen? or does redsnow already do that for us? I’m trying to unlock it for T-mobile. Thank you. Best regards.

    24. prav August 12, 2009 Reply

      credit to gerd2005,got it from the forums juz passing it on those having issues saving the firmware

      How to change .ZIP to .IPSW in Windows XP

      Majority of users are experiencing their firmware downloads in ZIP format. This guide will help you convert that pesky ZIP file into a usable IPSW firmware file.

      1. Download the firmware, remember where you have saved the file so you can open the folder later.
      note: I suggest not saving it to Desktop

      2. Open up Windows Explorers (Start>Programs>Accessories)

      3. Once Windows Explorer is up and running, click on “Tools” and select “Folder Options…”

      4. At the top tabs, click on “View” and you should see “Advanced settings:”. Inside this box there a many options which you can click and unclick. You will need to find “Hide extensions for known file tyes” and untick it to show the extension.

      5. Once you have that done, open the folder where you have saved your firmware and change ONLY the extension. eg .zip > .ipsw

      6. YOUR DONE! You can restore the viewing options in Windows Explorer or you can leave it as is.

    25. sr August 1, 2009 Reply

      oh, i tried it with the 1.2 ipsw and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks Steven, you’re my hero!!!!!!!!!!

    26. Ste July 6, 2009 Reply

      Hi, I had the same issues with the iphone going into recovery mode at the end of the jailbreak and also it hanging saying “waiting for reboot”. I tried this at least 10 times on Windows Vista Premium 64 bit and failed everytime. I switched to Windows Vista Home 32 bit and the jailbreak worked the very first time I tried it.

      Hope this info helps.

    27. Austin July 5, 2009 Reply

      I’m having the same problems Joe and Sherry had. I took the save setting off and it still doesn’t seem to work. I also have re-downloaded the file multiple times. If anyone could help it will be greatly appreciated.

    28. Taylor July 4, 2009 Reply

      I’m having the same problem that Glen had:

      “Glen said:

      Need help. Jailbroke my 3g to the 3.0 software. Ran cydia and tryed to update critical updates and get an error code, “internal error, could not preform immediate configuration (2) on essential.” I’m not sure what to do, i’ve tried rejailbreaking with no change. I previously had it jailbroke with the 2.2.1 with no problems. Any advise would be greatly appreciated”

      Just restored it to 3.0, jailbroke it again, and got the same result: “internal error, could not preform immediate configuration (2) on essential.”

      Any ideas, suggestions, fixes?

    29. Steven July 2, 2009 Reply

      Nevermind… I found the way. I put tmobile sim card in it while restore then use redsnow to jailbreak. make sure choose iphone1,2_3.0 NOT iphone1,1_3.0 and works perfectly !!

    30. Cobalt60 July 2, 2009 Reply

      I JB my phone but after a couple of days or hours it freezes I than have to restore the phone …does anyone know Y this is happening ? can this be resloved ? its annoying to have to restore and Jb allover again and than DL all the apps I had.. any solutions ??

    31. Keith July 1, 2009 Reply

      Hello, I tried multiple time jailbreaking my 3G 3.0 with ultrasnow but when the phone reboots nothing as been changed or added (Cydia,ICY) my OS is windows vista ultimate sp2 does this have anything to do with it or do I need to re-install 3.0 fresh then try again. Thanks.

    32. Allan June 30, 2009 Reply

      Hello Vinay,

      I followed your method and it won’t jailbreak my iphone 3G. I get to the screen where it said “Please wait while your device is being jailbroken.”, “Waiting for reboot” and the screen is white. I waited for hours, but nothing happened. I even followed your instructions to restart the process, I attempted many times without success. Can you help me? Thanks.

    33. Sarah June 29, 2009 Reply

      Followed this tutorial, and everything worked out great. I started downloading some apps from cydia, but one required me to restart and now my phone is stuck on the boot screen [apple logo]

      what do i do now? do i need to restore? and how do i do that because when I plugged it in, itunes isn’t detecting my phone

      • Vinay June 29, 2009 Reply

        @ Sarah Turn off your phone by pressing and holding home and power button together for 15-25 seconds. Now when your phone is turned off press and hold your home button and plug your phone in to computer and your phone will be pushed in to recovery mode and after that you can restore your phone to 3.0 again.

    34. thizz June 28, 2009 Reply

      i have one question. if i jailbreak my iphone can i still download apps, movies, videos from itunes?

      • Vinay June 28, 2009 Reply

        @ thizz yes you can use app store, itunes everything as usual before jailbreaking.

    35. Steven June 28, 2009 Reply

      Just wanted to say that I loved the easy step by step and recommend it to everyone!


    36. Joe2974 June 28, 2009 Reply

      I’ve tried this process several times from my macbook. The problem I’m running into is once I launch redsnow and click the browse button, I’m not finding any ‘firmware’. There is a firmware folder, but there are only 2 options in it: A folder called all_flash and another folder called DFU. When I click in either folder, there is no firmware (.ipsw) file. What am I doing wrong?

      Sherry indicated that she had the same problem and you said there was a problem with the download. I have attempted to re-download multiple times, but cannot end up with the cube on my desktop. No matter what I do, I can’t download and save as .ipsw. Any ideas?

      • Vinay June 28, 2009 Reply

        @ Joe2974 & Everyone who uses Mac & Safari : If you are using Safari and want to download a .ispw follow this guide to change a setting and everything will be good.
        Open Safari.
        Go to the menu bar (top of your screen) and Click Safari.
        Select Preferences.
        Go to General.
        Uncheck the Open “safe” files after downloading box.
        Now Download again.

    37. Glen June 27, 2009 Reply

      Need help. Jailbroke my 3g to the 3.0 software. Ran cydia and tryed to update critical updates and get an error code, “internal error, could not preform immediate configuration (2) on essential.” I’m not sure what to do, i’ve tried rejailbreaking with no change. I previously had it jailbroke with the 2.2.1 with no problems. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

    38. LiLmurder June 27, 2009 Reply

      i cant sync jailbroken games onto my iphone??? it say somethin like
      E800 or somethin in the error message

      do i need mobileinstallation fix??? for 3.0?

      if yes from where could i get it

    39. abcdef June 26, 2009 Reply

      I did the jailbreak on my iPhone3g version 3.0, and when I try to unlock it just doesn’t work. I keep getting some error message (‘Error: NetDB: Open nodemname…)about Cydia when it upgrades. I can get online w/WiFi but not with my SIM, and I still can’t get it to work. I have a full data plan on ATT too (internet works fine on my LG), but the iPhone keeps saying I don’t have a data plan. Any suggestions?

    40. Amit June 25, 2009 Reply

      I am new to I Phone and dont know any thing. Today i have check and found that ultrasnow is available. can you pls confirm the same. once you will confirm then only i will start the process

    41. Cobalt60 June 25, 2009 Reply

      Ok I downloaded the right folder saved it to the right type of file .ipsw extension and than I opened up redsnow I used IE to DL and have the updated firmware…( i updated wehn 3.0 came out) I do have that “cube” with the musical note saying I have updated firmware redsnow but when I click on it all it does is open Itunes? when I open redsnow and browe for the corresponding ipsw it is stil giving me the message unable to recognize IPSW? what am I missing?

    42. Brutal June 24, 2009 Reply

      I let the ‘Waiting for reboot’ screen stay up for 10 hours and eventually had to cancel it. Ideas?

      • Vinay June 24, 2009 Reply

        @ Brutal Restore again to 3.0 and try RedSn0w again, will be good if you use XP

    43. Vinay June 22, 2009 Reply

      @ Raf Put Your iPhone in DFU mode then restore to 3.0 using iTunes 8.0 or 7.5 not 8.2 and then follow the guide again. BTW the cartoon is of Mr. Steve Jobs 😉

      @ Sherry This problem is due to incompatible firmware, bad download. Re download the file from links given below. And make sure While saving the file keep confirm it is saved as the name iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw not the iPhone1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.zip

      @ WES The guide is featured on this page.

      @ Basil This guide is for jailbreak only for unlocking the phone wait for the official release of UltraSn0w. Follow us on twitter and stay updated http://twitter.com/ihackinjosh

    44. basil June 22, 2009 Reply

      i have iphone 3g i made an update to 2.2.1 and i made jailbreak but idont know how to unlock it please help me the baseband 2.30
      bootlloader 5.9 so please some onw help me

      cause its not my iphone its my little brother
      i have 2g iphone

    45. WES June 22, 2009 Reply

      didn’t work.

      Phone rebooted in recovery mode.
      Itunes wouldn’t recognize it. Had to do a restore and lost all my apps, even those I bought, along with music & videos that I had on it.
      I’m trying to do another sync to see if it’ll pull those in from Itunes.

      How do I jail break it now ???

    46. Sherry June 22, 2009 Reply


      I’ve tried this process several times. The problem I’m running into is once I launch redsnow and click the browse button, I’m not finding any ‘firmware’. There is a firmware folder, but there are only 2 options in it: A folder called all_flash and another folder called DFU. When I click in either folder, there is no firmware (.ipsw) file. What am I doing wrong? I’ve been working on this for almost 2 hours now, have deleted and reinstalled the appropriate files but nothing changes. HELP Please??!!!


    47. Raf June 21, 2009 Reply

      I followed the guide to the letter. However, after the process, “the cartoon guy” showed up on the screen for a very long time (like 20 minutes). I tried to shutdown my phone and turned it back on. Now it’s a loop where the cartoon is displayed for 20 seconds followed by a black screen for 2 seconds. Tried to shutdown/restart again but without other results… Anyone an idea what’s going on?

    48. zuh June 21, 2009 Reply

      in order to install UltraSn0w i need to activate wifi option? or we doo it on pc with i phone pulged?

      • Vinay June 21, 2009 Reply

        @ Zuh Yes you need to get WiFi in working because UltraSn0w will be released on Cydia and in order to install UltraSn0w you have an working WiFi connection on your iPhone. Remember there is no other way. If you have Gray WiFi then try to reinstall and jailbreak your iPhone.

    49. Bassrawee June 21, 2009 Reply

      my phone is already jailbeark by yellowSn0w proram for 2.2.1 and I have baseband 2.30. currently I am sure the painful TrouboSim to use my iphone. my questions:

      1-if I upgrade to 3.0 using the redSnow, will my TourboSim stops?
      2-if I don’t upgrade and keep my existing 2.2.1 and 2.30, will I be able to unlock using the long awaited UtltraSn0w?


      • Vinay June 21, 2009 Reply

        @ Bassrawee First of all if you updates to OS 3.0 your BAseband will updates to 4.28 and i m not sure that TurboSim updates it. Keep using with TurboSimuntil UltraSn0w is released.

    50. WES June 21, 2009 Reply

      I have an iPhone 3G already jail broken.
      I haven’t upgraded to 3.0 because I want to be sure I can Jail Break it when I do. This guide looks good, but mentions unlocking the phone.
      I have ATT and I don’t need to unlock the phone,only Jail Break it.

      Any suggestions ?


      • Vinay June 21, 2009 Reply

        @ WES this guide is for jailbreaking only, don’t worry your Activation will retains.

    51. Sepp June 21, 2009 Reply

      Will this work on the 3g s/ if not are you working on it! thanks

    52. zubair June 21, 2009 Reply

      when the guide for unlocking iphone 3G is expected? jail break was succesful but not unlocked yet carrier not available……

    53. KJ June 21, 2009 Reply


      I have followed all of the relevant steps and my i-phone started back up but not getting any signal.

      Any ideas how to resolve this?

      Thanks for your help guys!

      • Vinay June 21, 2009 Reply

        @ KJ This guide is for jailbreaking only to unlock the iPhone 3G we need to run UltraSn0w which will be available very soon. Keep checking this site for latest informations.

    54. super tare June 20, 2009 Reply

      Vinay everything its fine for me, i am waiting for the big ultrasnow, but i have that small trouble (UP) with SSH login, hope you’ll help me

      • Vinay June 21, 2009 Reply

        @ SuperTare me too waiting for UltraSn0w will post guide just after the Dev team announcement.

    55. FHB June 20, 2009 Reply

      There is a video cam app on cydia, and works well

    56. super tare June 20, 2009 Reply

      looks like my iphone 3G it’s not unlocked yet, everyything ok but its not unlocked

    57. FHB June 20, 2009 Reply

      Hi can you tell me if winterboard still works with 3.0? If not what is the best way to customize the spirngboard etc?
      Any ideas welcome
      Thanks for all the help!!

      • Vinay June 20, 2009 Reply

        @ FHB Yup WinterBoard works very smoothly with 3.0 just installed Palm Pre and Saw themes 😉

        @ Super Tare Yup, this guide is for Jailbreaking only we have to wait for UltraSn0w release (around the corner) will update the blog with a how to guide after the release.
        @Zuh WiFi and YouTube are working great after Jailbreaking my 3G.
        @ Valentin Press and Hold Power and Home button for 15-25 seconds and after restart follow the procedure again.
        @ Seep No this guide is for 3G only you have to wait for Dev team release. Subscribe our free once in a day news letter and stay updated.

    58. Valentin June 20, 2009 Reply

      I have a problem . On the step seven i was waiting for the 30 min , but nothing was happened. Iphone is in DFU mode, screen is black

      I use Iphone 3G

    59. darkh2o June 20, 2009 Reply


      Video is for the 3GS only. Its not added to the 3G with 3.0 update.

    60. super tare June 20, 2009 Reply

      these guys are awesome, great jobe, you made happy so many people

    61. WindowsScorpion June 20, 2009 Reply

      after jailbroken/ or before it’s a 3G OS 3.0 issues :
      1- did not find Tethering under network
      2- no video in the camera
      3- no attachment in messaging MMS

      if anybody is facing these problem please i want to know is only me?

      • Vinay June 20, 2009 Reply

        @ WindowsScorpion To enable tethering i m working on a guide will update you very soon. There are lots of tricks you can Google but i m looking for the simple and easy.
        @ Arno Try changing the USB port and USB cable also note RedSn0w is causing some problems in Vista so if possible use XP.
        @Jenna Upgrade Directly to 3.0 With Shift + Restore in iTunes and then follow the guide. you can keep the SIM inside the phone during the process. Seems you are doing this first time so read the guide twice or thrice before doing anything. DFU mode is the main step. Don’t worry if you do any thing wrong that can be traceable.

        @ Faheem @ Eric Thanx guys for pointing the error 🙂

    62. LiLmurder June 20, 2009 Reply

      i cant sync jailbroken games onto my iphone??? it say somethin like
      E800 or somethin in the error message

      do i need mobileinstallation fix??? for 3.0?

      if yes from where could i get it

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