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iPhone 3G S Jailbreak Mission Accomplished


Georze Hotz A.K.A Geohot posted image of first ever jailbreaked iPhone 3G S on his blog. Geohot successfully jailbreaked his iPhone 3G S and posted a screenshot with mobile terminal running on his phone. Check the screenshot below where we can clearly see the Darwin Kernel version 10.0.0d3 and in the next line S5L8920 application processor indicates it is iPhone 3G S. Also iPhone 2,1 is the code name of iPhone 3G S and we can see this on the screenshot also. So there is no doubt about the legality of image. Geohot confirms with a little modification in RedSn0w will be able to jailbreak the 3G S. But Dev team is waiting for 3.0.1 update from the Apple.

Purple2K explains the current scenario “  Apple figured about the bootrom 24kpwn too late, and they knew they can’t fix it in time for the 3gs. But they also know that the 24kpwn is uesless without an iboot patch, so they just made it so you can’t downgrade iboot, and they can render the 24kpwn useless instead of blocking it.So yeah, chances are that 3.0.1 will include a new iboot, and you won’t be able to send an older fw to the phone, the server won’t agree to sign it, and the phone won’t accept it. with or without the 24kpwn.so you better believe – 3.0.1 is coming to block ultrasn0w, and if JB is released now, it will also include a new iboot.”

So how much time it takes to new jailbreak when almost every thing is done. Apple is working on 3.0.1 day after the UltraSn0w released. According to Purple2K “Apple is very eager to release 3.0.1 because carriers are very mad at them when an unlock is available.if they won’t release it within a couple of weeks, then we got what we wanted anyway, and the jb will be released.”

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