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iPhone 3G S Jailbreak First Success by GeoHot


purplera1n 3G S Good news for the peoples who just upgraded from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3G S and missing the full functionality  of their iPhone without Cydia. Jailbreak development for 3G S was started from the last week since apple released the iPhone 3G S. Georze Hotz A.K.A GeoHot ( first person who unlocked the iPhone 2G 1.0.2) claims his position again and it looks like he has already found a method to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS! The good news is if GeoHot discovers the full jailbreak then the unlock scene is not so far because The iPhone 3G S uses the X-Gold 608 baseband chip, same as in the iPhone 3G. So UltraSn0w will be compatible with 3G S.

Things are completely changed and Apple is going strict and strict, trying best possible methods to keep Devs . According to GeoHot Apple added a new tag to the img3 format called ECID. The ECID is unique to each phone, and is being sigchecked. So no downgrades unless you have a dump of your unique old firmware’s img3. Therefore, iBoot exploits won’t be so useful for tethered JBs, because such exploits will be closed in new FWs. This is bad news… They almost surely won’t authorize downgrades on new phones. They might not even authorize downgrades on older phones. Get a usb dump of a restore to 7A341 if you ever want to go back(which you may need to use exploits). Unless of course it’s broken deeply at the hardware level. Then lol @ Apple.

Geohot has already launched purplera1n.com (Purple Rain) but is hosting nothing but an image as of now. So we can guess at the moment that Purple Rain is the code name of 3G S jailbreaking tool. After Zibree (ZiPhone) Dev Team gets a new competitor. BTW GeoHot is not new but he was less active, now it seems GeoHot is on the way back as he appears. Lets wait n watch this healthy competition between GeoHot and Dev team. GeoHot discovered Ramdisk keys and Musclenerd discovers Vfdecrypt keys and they provided these keys publically available. So finally we can say that after Sn0w get ready for the rain, purple rain.


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  1. Ravi June 25, 2009 Reply

    Hats off to geo hot!!!! I would not have bought iphone if jailbreaking is not available

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