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Get Your 3G S iBSS Certificate for Upcoming Jailbreak


After Snowing its time for rain so get ready your umbrellas. As we mentioned earlier iPhone 3G S Jailbreak First Success by GeoHot here he comes with the first bang. Good thing is Dev team and Geohot working together towards jailbreaking and unlocking iPhone. As Geohot revealed ” Apple has added a new layer of security to the iPhone 3GS. I mentioned it several posts earlier; it’s the ECID field. When iTunes starts the restore process, they contact Apple servers to generate signatures just for your device. It’s important you get these signatures for your phone before a new version of the software comes out. ” And to eliminate this limitation you have to generate a unique certificate for your phones iBSS. Read this post twice or thrice and get your certificate now before Apple put another limitation.

For Windows Users, Get the free usbview Download Here:
For Mac Users, use system profiler.

1. Power off your phone
2. Holding the home button, plug your phone into your computer until you get into recovery mode.
3. Open usbview.
4. In “options”, check off “config descriptors” (enable)
5. Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh
6. Scroll down til you see “Apple Recovery (iBoot) USB drive, and click on it.

7. Look for ECID in right navigation pane.
8. Copy the 16 digits that follow the ECID
9. Go to http://purplera1n.com/
10. Paste your ECID in the field just under the picture of geohot
11. Save your iBSS certificate.
12. Press and hold power and home button till your phone reboots to get out of recovery mode.

Now wait for next announcement and in he mean time if Apple releases any update don’t install it untill dev team confirmation

Special Thanx to Geohot, Planetbeing and entire Dev Team



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  1. Raindrop September 18, 2009 Reply

    HI, I pasted my ECID onto purplera1n and pressed enter on my MAC. A purplera1n zip file appeared then it turned into a program that states MAKE IT RAIN when I open it. Can someone please tell me how to get files to get to gmail so I can get the certificates? Thanks. I used Safari on MAC.

  2. William September 16, 2009 Reply

    As my iPhone only show the white apple and the orignal OS is 3.0 JB. Now the iPhone can’t boot up in normal and I can restore the OS in iture. I already follow the step to get the ECID in usbview. what is the next step? Please advice with thanks.

    • Vinay September 16, 2009 Reply

      @ William Wait for pwnage tool…

  3. ktsak September 13, 2009 Reply

    If we try to get the ECID after JB, it will be the same before ECID ?
    If we get iphone to recovery mode to get the ECID, can we get out recovery mode without restoring?

  4. Harsh September 12, 2009 Reply

    Hello Sir

    I have tried your procedure stated above. Everything worked well except the step that mentions “purplera1n generation of certificate”.
    It is giving an error saying “something went wrong” after i click enter after entering the ECID code.

    please help..

    • Vinay September 12, 2009 Reply

      @ Harsh You are a bit late Apple pulled their servers for signing the 3.0 and 3.0.1 Firmwares, this means now you can’t capture your ECID etc.

  5. cheval July 8, 2009 Reply


    First of all , thanks ! What is the meaning of the “purplera1n.exe” do we have to do anything with this ? I didn’t know that we have only to push Enter with our ECID so i downloaded purplera1n.exe and execute it… But now i’ve got my “purplera1nyday_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” but those number are the same that my first ECID ?

    thanks !


  6. Bob July 2, 2009 Reply

    Thankyou for all the help And thx for answering my questions 🙂

  7. Tim July 2, 2009 Reply

    GGGS – sounds like you missed step 4:

    4. In “options”, check off “config descriptors” (enable)

  8. GGGS July 1, 2009 Reply

    Addendum: The ECID wasn’t visible because the phone wasn’t in ‘recovery mode’. I had to hold the ‘off’ button longer. iBSS certificate saved for a rainy day.
    As you can see I’m totally new to this.
    I don’t have an AT&T subscription and would like to use the 3GS on T-Mob, how best to unlock it?

  9. GGGS July 1, 2009 Reply

    First, Thanks all for your help.
    I have a ‘virgin’ 3GS, not activated in any way. I would like to unlock it. Running USB view doesn’t show me the ECID; I suppose that is because I haven’t activated the phone. What is the best course of action?

  10. JJ July 1, 2009 Reply

    very helpful! thanks a mil!

  11. Bob July 1, 2009 Reply

    Do we need to restore first before we do it or just do it?

    • Vinay July 1, 2009 Reply

      @ Bob No just do it no need to restore or aything.

  12. westwood June 29, 2009 Reply

    hi all, done the above, saved the file. purplera1nyday_****************** what’s the next step? I can’t open the file, do i need to? cheers dudes

  13. yoyomommy June 27, 2009 Reply

    iPhone 3G[S] only…

  14. quorn23 June 26, 2009 Reply

    With updates do you mean iphone updates or also itunes updates?

  15. Deni June 26, 2009 Reply

    FYI to anyone doing this –

    The website “looks” like it has an error – when you paste your number into the provided area it seems like nothing happens. You don’t see that the number you pasted actually shows up. It does, the key is that you have to press ENTER after you paste the number in there to get the site to send you back the certificate.

  16. Eddie June 26, 2009 Reply

    Is this only for iPhone 3Gs users? Or should everyone take a note of that ID?

    • Vinay June 26, 2009 Reply

      @ Eddie Yes for iPhone 3G S uses only

  17. Alan June 26, 2009 Reply

    awesome. thanks for the help vinay!

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