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Play DivX, Xvid and Flash Videos on iPhone With YXFlash.


YXFlash is a multimedia player for iPhone supports xvid, divx and flash (.flv) videos and movies. Moreover this player is free of cost. All you need is a Jailbreaked iPhone With Cydia or Icy.  YXFlash player is out for iPhone and available on BigBoss repository in Cydia. YXFlash marks the first actually usable xvid / divx player for the iPhone. Finally you can watch that collection of avi files you have laying around without having to convert them into Apple’s annoying format first. While the converted videos do play a bit smoother due to hardware acceleration, but xvid videos are watchable, at least the ones I tested.The player also plays flash content if you have downloaded flash flv videos to your device. (It is not a web based flash player).To add videos to your iPhone for playback you can use SSH to transfer files. In the free version you can play Xvid, DivX and AVI format if you wants to play .FLV or Flash videos you have to purchase a paid version.


How to Install and use YXFlash for iPhone : Go to Cydia and search for YXFlash and Install it. Now SSH your iPhone and get access to file system of your iPhone. Once you get access of iPhone make a folder in /Root/Private/Var and name it Videos or whatever you want. Once you make a folder drag and drop your media to that folder you just created. When the media complete it’s transfer launch the YXFlash from the springboard and tap the file you wants to play. Check the screenshots given below where i played a .AVI file on my iPhone.


        IMG_0013  IMG_0015 IMG_0016 




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  1. Caffiene Dominates October 12, 2010 Reply

    If you are getting no sound whatsoever through .avi, check the audio codec. Several authors are moving to the AC3 filter for audio. If yxFlash does not include AC3 codecs, you may be out of luck.

    Does anyone know if this codec is included in the packages?

  2. Gigel August 15, 2010 Reply

    Because it will take less time to transfer than to transform then transfer it to the phone 🙂 is this thing still working on 4.0 ?

  3. mike June 14, 2010 Reply

    kind of lame… i mean if you are going to go through the trouble of ssh (ing) them to your phone/touch… why not just convert them and do it thru itunes?

  4. Kishiro September 28, 2009 Reply

    yxflash has no sound on some xvid movies. Anyone knows why? I’m on cracked xyflash, iphone 2.2.1. Thanks.

  5. cyogen August 26, 2009 Reply

    apparently i already cracked it

  6. patislegend May 24, 2009 Reply

    apparently it’s not free anymore.

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