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Moblin 2.0 launched. the most advanced Netbook OS


Intel in association with Linux Foundation successfully launched Moblin 2.0. The New version is totally different from the old Operating System with a redesigned GUI. Which seems to be very easy to use and also looks very funky. Operating system home page includes a calender and your favorite apps and on top you have drop down menus which take care of your internet , media and other needs. Finally Ubuntu remix has a challanger in Netbook OS but ironically both are Linux Based OS. here is a Hands On video of Moblin.


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  1. Chuck Ezell December 31, 2009 Reply

    I agree with Stephen. Moblin 2.0 was exciting and I tried it for a week or so on my Mini 10v but opted to go back to Snow Leopard. I think if I had a touch screen it might be really, really cool.

    The webkit that Moblin has implemented gave me problems with a few sites that ran flash and other more advanced coding techniques. Slowness was a problem as well. I found that the source libraries weren’t up to date and had a terrible time doing my updates at first.

    Guaranteed I’ll try it again when another version comes out.

  2. Stephen June 4, 2009 Reply

    Hey there Hackintosh,

    1st off, thanks for this page.

    2nd, I tried Moblin on my Dell Mini 10 and I found it to work incredibly slow and the networking component crashes when I try to find my wireless signal. Finally, when I went to repartition my drive in order to remove Moblin from my Dell Mini 10, I was confronted w/ a Grub Error 22, which was an absolute nightmare to deal with (the external optical drive w/ another OS boot disk was activated almost randomly after countless previous attempt).

    I was EXTREMELY excited about Moblin 2.0 when I first saw the videos and I would love to give it another shot if I had different instructions (yes, I’ll try again despite the distress it caused me). Any advice of fixing the problems I described? At the moment, I’m thinking of waiting for an upgrade before risking it, but it looks too damn sleek to give up that easy.

    Thanks for your time!

  3. Manuj Mohla May 22, 2009 Reply

    Hi John

    Major diffrence between Moblin and Ubuntu Remix is that ubuntu is Debian based distro and Moblin is not based on any platform and it started from scrath what diffrence it makes for you that while installing apps you can just install any .deb file (like .exe in windows) in Ubuntu where as for Moblin you need to compile the source which is little tricky. Second with Ubuntu you will get proper support from ubuntu team where as for Moblin its still not clear who will support thr product other than its Bugzilla. Still Moblin is in early date and has got a great start but it will still take some time for its standarization and yes it will work on your Dell mini 10 as Dell mini 10 has all intel hardware and it supports it pretty well. if you still have any doubt please feel free to write.

  4. john May 21, 2009 Reply

    Hi hackintosh

    i have worked with Ubuntu Remix and found it pretty cooll have two questions for you, whats are the major diffrence between moblin and ubuntu and is it compatiblw with my Dell Mini 10.


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