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Kryptes Another Alternative to Cydia by Sleepers.net


Icy by RipDev already makes it’s way as alternative of Cydia now the party time is for Sleepers.net as they announced another alternative of Cydia and Icy. Sleepers named it Kryptes. Kryptes is a new, lightweight, package handler that was designed with the end user in mind. Sleepers described why they launched Kryptes when already we have Cydia and Icy “ We have over 600 developers in our repository, we felt to give them the most exposure in the Community we were left with no choice, but to build our own Package Handler. If we would have been accepted as a default repository with the other Package Handlers the build of Kryptes would not have happened. “


Here is the official Announcement “mWe would like to get the most common ones we are expecting out of the way first “

Q: Are you trying to compete with Cydia and Installer?
A: No, we have tried to reach out to both of the developers for each one of these handlers several times. We have been continually shot down when we asked if we could become a default repository/source. IT was as if we did not exist, when we feel we have given much to the community.

Q: Are you going to stop supporting Cydia and Installer?
A: Absolutely not! We have no intention to not allow users that continue to use these applications to stop gaining access to the repository.

Q: I own a repository, can I add it to the Kryptes source?
A: Yes you can! We actually welcome you to distribute your packages through Kryptes. Simply download the package, go to Community, click add my Repo and fill out the form.

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