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i-Verse AT&T’s Alternative to Sling Player ?


Sling Player becomes 9th in Top Download list in 24hrs of it’s release. Sling Player gets a lot of buzzno only for it lets you Watch and Control home TV and DVR from your iPhone or iPod Touch but alsofor AT&T has restricted this App from working on its 3G network. Apple has limited the app to the iPhone 3G’s Wi-Fi sling-iphone-02-sm capabilities ONLY, which means NO 3G! and AT&T might be the one responsible for it. Maybe they don’t want their developing 3G network to be hit by thousands of people streaming videos. AT&T spokesperson Mark Siegel told Macworld that the Wi-Fi limit that it requested as a concern of network reliability. Seigel said: “It’s about making sure all our customers have access to the wireless network.” So at the end of day Sling Player released to App Store with Wi Fi only. And just after the release iPhone hackers cracked this restriction with VoipOver3G a Cydia Application all you have to do is edit a .plist file in the file system of iPhone and then a new Application Tricker ThreeG popped over the Cydia. Tricker ThreeG acts same as VoipOver3G and based on Mobile Substrate Library  that tricks apps into thinking that they are on WiFi even though they are on 3G/EDGE/GPRS. You can check our simple to follow guide here.


Gizmodo reports that AT&T is been working on it’s OWN application code named “i-Verse” that performs similar task as SlingPlayer. This app works with their U-verse TV solution (like slingbox) and loads the “DVRed” shows onto your iPhone at home or stream them over internet on 3G network! The app has already been demoed privately last year and since then, AT&T’s into developing it. This means the battle is still going on now it will be interesting to see i-Verse in action and it’s competition to Sling Player.


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