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Bootloader & ACPI Flags While Darwin Bootloader.


If you are facing any problem during booting or installing Mac OS X or OSX86 or your hackintosh you can identify & troubleshoot the problems with the darwin bootloader commands given below. here we covered almost all of the bootloader commands which you can perform during the initial boot by pressing F8 from the keyboard once you pressed the f8 key you’ll get the access to enter in some special modes like Single User mode, Safe mode and Verbose mode. We tried to cover almost every available option if still we missed any please post a comment given below.


Darwin boot loader level flags, for Darwin version 8.0:-

  • -v = verbose mode. Basically tells you wants happening during boot up.System in Verbose mode display a lot of log lines during boot time and does not display the apple gray boot screen, it is good to use this option if things go wrong, or if you get an error screen and you want to know the reason.


  • -x = Safe mode. Basically boots your system with the bare minimum kexts. This option boot the system into safe mode ignoring kext cache and loads only necessary kext


  •  -s = Single user mode. Command line only mode. Allows you to run commands as root to fix system.This mean you would like to enter “Single User” mode which doesn’t load GUI and doesn’t mount partitions but gives you a prompt so you can make system maintenance and recovery procedures.


  •  -f = Tells the hackintosh to reload all kext (Kernel Extensions = drivers) and dump the cache, not rely on it (kext cache found in: /System/Library/Extensions.mkext, you can delete it manually and the system will recreate it)
  • cpus= this parameter tells the hackintosh how many cpus to use, for instance if you have dual CPU or dual Core then you can state cpus=2, so the system will use both cpus, and if you get reboot without loading GUI or boot screen then you may use cpus=1 to allow use of one cpu and avoid reboot


  • “Graphics Mode” = this parameter tells the hackintosh to use stated graphics resolution and color depth, the pattern to use is: WidthxHeightxDepth@RefreshRate for instance a resolution of 1024×768 with 32 bit color depth and 60 hertz frequancy refresh rate will look like this:

“Graphics Mode”=1024x768x32@60


  • config= this parameter tells the system to load using different copy of the boot config file, the default copy used is kept in:


The content of this file state boot options such as:

  1. timeout (how much time to wait for user selection in boot prompt)
  2. Kernel (what kernel to use)
  3. Kernel flags (what kernel flags to use in each and every boot)
  4. Quiet boot (weather to display boot menu or not)
  5. Boot graphics (if to boot with apple spinning circle)

ACPI Flags are as on :

  • acpi=off = Don’t enable ACPI
  • acpi=ht = Use ACPI boot table parsing, but don’t enable ACPI interpreter
  • acpi=force = Force ACPI on (currently not needed)
  • acpi=strict = Disable out of spec ACPI workarounds.
  • acpi_sci = {edge,level,high,low} Set up ACPI SCI interrupt. EX:
  • acpi_sci = edgeacpi=noirq = Don’t route interrupts


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  1. anwalt August 12, 2012 Reply

    someone says you must change some option in your bios is that right and what it is this option

    cpu: intel core i3 2120 3.30GHz
    Sandy Bridge 32nm Technology

    ram:4gb Single-Channel DDR3

    motherbord:ASUS P8H61

    graphics:2047MB GeForce GT 430

    hard drives:466GB Western Digital ATA Device (SATA)

    audio: M2362A-3 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)

  2. Rangdrol August 11, 2012 Reply

    Namaskar, Vinay:

    Ive been trying to get my Snow Leopard, 10.6.8 back up but im hanging in blue screen. I’ve tried all the key combos and then lots of things in terminal because Terminal (via Single user mode) and Verbose are the only ways to do anything.

    I know that Single User mode, for example,which opens Terminal, is Command-S, and Command-V is for Verbose, etc., however, I don’t know why you say V, X, S, F because typing just one letter, alone, usually won’t get you anywhere (Holding down the Shift key for Safe Mode will, and so will holding down letter T will get you into Firewire Mode, but not too many others will).

    So can you explain? I tried Command F but that didn’t do anything, and what about X which you say is Safe Mode? Safe Mode is accessed by holding down the Shift key.

    Please explain about “x” key and “f” key.

  3. wagnerkiller December 2, 2010 Reply

    It’s okay, he’s dead now.

  4. wagnerhater March 13, 2010 Reply


  5. wagner February 4, 2010 Reply

    I have 3 mac x, a 10.52, two 10.6, tree 10.6.2
    the last two install and all restarts he/she doesn’t enter in the system, mistake when carrying the system

    I please need help

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