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Yahoo Messenger for iPhone Available in App Store.


After Skype Yahoo oneConnect is the latest buzz for the iPhone / iPod Touch. Yahoo oneConnect A.K.A Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone. You can download & install via App Store @ Free of cost. For detailed guides 1c_iphone_overview_1_3on how to install yahoo messenger in iPhone or iPod Touch follow the steps given below. If you do not have a 3G iPhone, you need to upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 Software Update. Pulse View is a new feature introduced with OneConnect, The Pulse view gives you an at-a-glance view of the latest activity on your social networks. TheStatus view shows recent status updates. The Photos view shows recent photo uploads. The Allview shows you all activity of your contacts across all the social networks you’ve added to Yahoo! oneConnect. David Ko, senior vice president, Yahoo! Mobile said “Consumers around the globe are demanding compelling mobile Internet services that offer increased personalization,To further capitalize on the market potential and continue our mobile leadership, we created Yahoo! Mobile, a dynamic starting point enabling consumers to discover the world around them, stay connected through a variety of communication services, and customize content to define their Internet experience on mobile devices.”


  • Get a full-featured phone book that can integrate contacts from your Yahoo! Address Book, iPhone, and your social networks.
  • Connect with your friends via Yahoo! Messenger or SMS. Have fun with emoticons, avatars, and photos.
  • See what’s happening on your favorite social networks with an at-a-glance view of status updates, photo uploads, and more.
  • Find your favorite people quickly and call, message, or send an e-mail—with one tap.
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    How to install Yahoo! oneConnect from your computer.


    1. Launch iTunes®
    2. Go to the App Store
    3. Search for Yahoo! oneConnect or Click Here.
    4. Download Yahoo! oneConnect (it’s free!)
    5. Sync your iPhone or iPod touch with iTunes
    6. Go to your home screen on your device and tap on the Yahoo! oneConnect icon
    7. Follow the instructions to set-up Yahoo! oneConnect

    How to install Yahoo! oneConnect from your iPhone or iPod touch.

    1. Click on the App Store icon
    2. Search for Yahoo! oneConnect
    3. Download Yahoo! oneConnect (it’s free!)
    4. Go to your home screen on your device and tap on the Yahoo! oneConnect icon
    5. Follow the instructions to set-up Yahoo! oneConnect



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    2. SantoS June 5, 2009 Reply

      OOPS !
      i’ve download some apps & games forom torrent web but itunes can’t support those .ipa files how can i install those apps on my iphone?

    3. SantoS June 5, 2009 Reply

      I know yahoo messenger is for free but it is not like as free.

      I’ve try messenger but i don’t have apple ID or AOL ID. I made aol free id but it dosn’t work for apps store.

      anybody help me to get Apple ID ?

      HELP MEEEEEEEE: drn_ntos@yahoo.com

      I’m from Nepal.

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      Was this app already pulled? I can’t seem to find it.

    5. nader May 20, 2009 Reply

      hi i need yahoo messenger for iphone plzzz

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