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Windows 7 is Here Where is Kernel 7.


Windows 7 rocked almost everybody who was disappointed with Windows Vista. Microsoft Windows 7 Team working round o clock for developing & improving Windows 7 UI n Performance. At the moment Windows development team is using kernel 6.1 Kernel 6.1 is a slightly improved version of Kernel 6 which was implemented in Windows Vista & Windows 2008. You can notice the kernel version from the string of build as 6.1.7112.0.winmain.090416-1820 First part of String indicates it’s kernel version. So where is Kernel 7?

James Wault a Neowinian found a clue check the image below. While exploring the instructions of Windows driver kit he found that Microsoft already got their hand on kernel 7. Something is striking me that Kernel 6.1 is the kernel 7. Now the question is why? and the answer is given by a Microsoft employee “ We named it Windows 7 from the beginning, it wasn’t even marketing that originally chose that brand, it was our internal "code name." The builds were versioned at 7.0. It broke compatibility for too many apps/drivers, so we changed the versioning APIs to report 6.1 to reflect the level of compatibility that should be expected by pre-existing software.”

Kernel 7

Yes the kernel 6.1 is actually kernel 7 and it was left intentionally at 6.1 – so that existing vista based installers will install under Windows 7. If you followed our site you may noticed that we have published a trick to run iLife’09 under Mac OS X 10.5.5 The iLife’09 suite was limited to run over Mac OS X 10.5.6 So what we did a simple trick to by pass this limitation. We edited SystemVersion.plist and changed the 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 means when iLife installer reads System Version from .plist file it reads 10.5.6 while it was 10.5.5 Same thing is done by Microsoft If they released Kernel 7.0 as kernel 7.0 most of software & drivers will refuse to install. So basically what they did they renamed it as kernel 6.1 to make it compatible.

But the kernel panic is still not solved one question is still alive Will the final version of Windows 7 is shipped with Kernel 7 or Kernel 6.1 Or RC release will be released with Kernel 7????


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  1. Michael September 8, 2009 Reply

    Kernel Panic – not syncing: Invalid version number

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