Jailbreak your iPhone

RiP Dev Releases Icy 1.1 Installer for Jailbreaked iPhone/iPod.


RipDev Releases Icy 1.1 Installer an alternative for Cydia. RipDEV team state that they intend to make sure icyIcy and Installer exist peacefully alongside Cydia. Icy is a lightweight alternative to Cydia for installing jailbroken iPhone applications. The installer is compatible with existing Cydia repositories and will remain free. Rip Dev Explained earlier that Cydia is a front-end to two open source technologies – APT and DPKG. DPKG is a system that installs and removes specially prepared packages (.deb files). APT allows these files to be organized in network “repositories” to be indexed and downloaded. Due to the highly unoptimal build of DPKG (as Jay Freeman, the author of Cydia, admits it in his article about Cydia) we had to compile DPKG and the tools needed from scratch. As a result, the same set of tools take only a little over than 1 megabyte as opposed to 32 installed by Cydia.


Do you think Cydia is slow in case of mine i do. For most of the time, it takes over 30s (sometimes even a minute) to launch Cydia. While Icy is fast, lightweight and more slick solution that is easy and cool to use. Icy has just been released and it is designed to be compatible with all Cydia packages. That means, Icy can read and download any packages available on Cydia.


Whats New and Improved:

  • Recent Packages;
  • Support for More Info / Screenshots links in packages;
  • When there are package updates available, Updated tab will be shown by default in the Installed section;
  • Supports Conflicts package specification;
  • Added custom Cydia header to requests so Icy is indistinguishable from Cydia from the repository point of view now.
  • Moved Install/Remove buttons to the toolbar;
  • Shows console log for dpkg failures;
  • Recursive dependencies supported much better now;
  • Support for WinterBoard so Icy should be themeable now;
  • Removed Essential tag in the Icy’s own info (mistakingly copied from Cydia);
  • Some cosmetic and minor fixes;
  • Some code profiling to speed up the UI even more.
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