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How to Use PPF O Matic for Windows & Mac OS X.


PPF O MATIC is widely used to apply .ppf patches to you .ISO, .BIN & Various other images. It is a GUI tool that applies PPF1.0, PPF2.0 and PPF3.0 Patches. You can also undo a PPF3.0 patch if undo data is available browse the article thoroughly. Ppf o Matic is available for both Windows & Mac OS X.  For applying .ppf patch to PS3,Linux,Windows,OSX,OSX86 & all related ISO/BIN files PPF-O-MATIC is used widely. You can download it from here Windows version click here , Mac version click here.


To Apply a PPF-Patch is very simple. Just load in a PPF and the corresponding BIN file by clicking on the Floppydisk icons. Or just open an Explorer window and Drag&Drop a PPF and a BIN file somewhere onto the PPF-O-MATICv3.0 window.




After you opened all the neccessary files the window should look this:


Now simply press the APPLY button and following not should appear.


Error-Message : This warning pops up if you try to apply a patch to a BIN file which can’t be recognized as the one the patch was made of. If you see that warning I suggest you to cancel and check if you have the right BIN file. For example check the NFO which came with the patch would be a good advice.



PPF3.0 Undo Feature : PPF3.0 supports UNDO ppf function so if you have a PPF3.0 patch and the patch-creator included UNDO data, following checkbox will be enabled:



If you click on this box before pressing APPLY the patch undo data instead of the patch data will be used on the image.


PPF3.0 Associate files : You can also associate PPF with PPF-O-MATIC v3.0. SO Next time you just have to double lick on a PPF file PPF-O-MATIC v3.0 start up automatically. To enable this feature simply press on the ICON top/left once and choose: “Associate ‘ppf’ files”.



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