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Chameleon Hits 2.0RC1 Available for Download.


logo After a long wait, finally the GUI bootloader is here. Yes Chameleon 2.0 is out in the wild. It is a RC1 release and available in binaries. The official announcement is as follows “ Right before 1st of April we’re gladly introducing the Release Candidate 1 version of Chameleon 2.0 for public download. Now supporting GUI booting, and all other features we mentioned in the previous articles. “ Chameleon 2.0 supports many new features like “ You can select from many partitions across multiple disks. Even the foreign OS types are detected properly on GPT formatted disks as well. ” , “ You can choose from the typical boot options available for native HFS partitions. “ , “ Optionally you can replace the grey apple logo with a custom transparent image. “ 

If you are looking for a How to Guide then Check Here.

Now we have a serious alternative for E-fix as TERC said  Working great for me (EP45-UD3P) with RAID 10. Great work! I’m glad I left EFI-X in the dust… I’ll be selling it to go towards donations for this project. The Chameleon team has been infinitely more helpful and considerate than the “help” over on EFI-X’s “support” forum. 

  Features of Chameleon 2.0 : 

     – Device Property Injection via device-properties string in com.apple.Boot.plist

    – Hybrid boot0+boot1h loaders for both MBR and GPT partitioned disks.

    – Automatic FSB detection code even for recent AMD CPUs.

    – Apple Software RAID support.

    – Stage2 loader (boot) can be placed as a regular file in the boot

    – Partition’s root folder. It has precedence over the embedded startupfile.

You can get the binaries here: Chameleon-2.0RC1-r408-bin.tar.gz


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  1. narit September 28, 2009 Reply

    try to set up 0sx 10.6

  2. SHFSoaringEagle June 12, 2009 Reply

    We just changed to a MAC shop and have been updating our new 500GB drives with Leopard 10.5 as the boot partition, but we had a large Windows partition right behind it. After copying all the Windows data files we needed to retain, I deleted the Windows partition with Gparted, thereby leaving a huge space to increase the size of our MAC partition (orig 41GB to 150GB) as the 41GB MAC partition was much to small to handle all the data we needed to put into it.

    Tried resizing to include unallocated space, would not work. So I moved the MAC partition to the end of the unallocated space hoping to be able to resize the other way, again no luck.

    Now, I can not get the partition to go back to the original location (in front of the unallocated space) without it throwing an error and then basically reverting back to the end of partition condition.
    This is causing the reboot to not be able to boot up saying there is no operating system, even though I have the MAC partition flagged as the boot partition.

    I am presuming this is because of the location of the new MAC partition being at the end of the unallocated space, instead at the 0 location it was originally created at.

    Any help greatly appreciated, as I am now stuck and unable to boot our primary machine. The local MAC guru has basically turned his back on the problem even though they were the ones who orig did the conversions for us.

    – Eagle –

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