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Apple Seeded Snow Leopard build 10A314 to Developers.


After almost one month Apple Seeded the latest build 10A314 of Snow Leopard 10.6 to Developers. Last time Apple Seeded developers build 10A286 on first week of March. In the latest build Apple ask developers to focus on 64-bit compatibility in their third party kernel extensions. Apple enabled the 64-bit kernel, for development purposes in early Mac Machines including Mac Pro 2008, MacBook 15/17, iMac 2008 and Unibody Mac Pro 15/17. While relatively few third party developers create kernel-level software, the new operating system won’t work in 64-bit if users lack 64-bit versions of the kernel extensions (kexts) they need. World of Apple again published the complete Seed Notes of build 10A314. There are many issues including Safari beta 4, 64 bit, iCal, Finder for more take a look at the seed notes given below. No wonder if build 10A314 will be available on Bit-Torrent sites in next 4 to 6 days. Almost every single build was leaked on bit-torrent for download.


Known Issues

  • It may take 5-10 minutes to get to the Mac OS X Installer when using a DVD.
  • Setup Assistant sometimes crashes when migrating users. Please reboot and try again if you encounter this.
  • iCal, Mail or Safari may hang sometimes due to a backround process (configd) crashing. Please reboot if you encounter this.
  • If multiple users are editing the same documenut simultaneously over an AFP connection it may result in data loss. Only 3rd party applications that support this behavior, such as database applications, will hit this. Editing files with Finder, for example, is OK.
  • Finder may crash on 32-bit machines when viewing movie previews through QuickLook, Finder’s column view or the Get Info window.
  • Changing SSL setting for a Microsoft Exchange 2007 account refetches all of your messages.
  • Mac Mini’s with a Core Solo CPU will run very slowly.
  • ‘Repair Permissions’ in Disk Utility reports spurious errors. 
  • Portable Home Directory accounts cannot be created.
  • Switching between Finder windows with Cmd-` does not work in this seed.
  • The initial Welcome Page in Safari is blank.
  • The contextual menu for the Finder icon in the Dock is missing some options.
  • VoiceOver cannot be started in Setup Assistant using Cmd-F5. Workaround: 
    1) When you hear “Mac OS X has a built in Screen reader..” press escape. 
    2) Press the right arrow 13 times to get to the screen that reads “Congratulations, You have learned how to use..”.  
    Wait for this screen to finish reading and VoiceOver will launch.
    3) You can then press the right arrow or escape key to return to Setup Assistant with VoiceOver running.

Developer Notes

We strongly encourage you to start developing and testing 64-bit versions of your KEXTs.  To help you along we’ve included the 64-bit transition guide with the seed.

  • Launch Xcode in Snow Leopard
  • Go to Help menu
  • Select Documentation Viewer
  • Search for “64-bit Transition Guide”


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  1. Andrew April 27, 2009 Reply

    Please pose snow leopard 10A314. It would be great!

  2. UNF April 13, 2009 Reply

    please post a link to DL 10a314, thnx

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