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Useful Keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X.



keyboard shortcut is a finite set of one or more keys that interacts with a software or operating system operation when triggered by the user.The simplest keyboard shortcuts consist of only one key. For these, one generally just writes out the name of the key, as in the message “Press F1 for Help”. The name of the key is sometimes surrounded in brackets or similar characters. For example: [F1] or <F1>. The key name may also be set off using special formatting (bold, italic, all caps, etc.) Most of the shortcuts require two or more keys to be pressed together. Here we have a list of most coomonly and frequently used shortcut keys for Mac OS X. 

When the Mac: (hold down for a long time, immediately after power-up) 

  • C: boot from cd
  • T: start in Target Disk Mode
  • N: Boot from Network
  • cmd + shift + R + D: reset the video settings

Using OSX:

  • cmd + TAB: switch between applications
  • cmd + M: Minimize
  • cmd + H: hide the active window
  • cmd + alt + esc: exit forced Application
  • cmd + Q: close the active application
  • cmd + W: Close active window

Using the Finder:

  • cmd + delete: moves the selected files in trash
  • cmd + shift + delete: empty trash
  • cmd + I: get information
  • cmd + alt: start a program by hiding other
  • cmd + C: Copy
  • cmd + V: paste
  • cmd + X: cut
  • cmd + A: Select all
  • cmd + Z: undo the last operation
  • cmd + shift + Z: Restores the last action
  • cmd + N: New window Finde
  • cmd + E: Eject the device or the virtual disk
  • cmd + on the upper level passes
  • cmd + Down: launches the selected application
  • cmd + shift + A: Open the folder aplicando
  • cmd + shift + U: Open the Utilities folder

In parts of the text:

  • cmd + left: go to beginning of line
  • cmd + right: go to end of line

Capture Screenshot : 

  • cmd + shift + 3: Capture the entire screen (or screens)
  • cmd + shift + 4: Select the area to capture
  • cmd + shift + 4, Spacebar: Select the window to capture


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