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Torrentula| Download Torrent on iPhone \ iPod Touch.


Torrentula was The first iPhone \ iPod touch Torrent Client. Torrentula is now available up to Firmware 2.X.X. For Torrentula. The latest version 2.0 is more generally a GUI Bit Torrent client for the iPhone built on Enhnaced CTorrent. Torrentula is able to search on many different Bit Torrent search engines including Bay of Pirates and Green Demon. Torrentula is very easy to use, Download .torrent files to your device with the HistoryDL.app (recommended) or the Safari Download Plugin into the mobile (or root)/Downloads folder. The program will scan your mobile (or root)/Downloads folder for new torrent files, and will import any valid torrent files regardless of their filename or extension. When a torrent has finished downloading from peers it will be automatically moved to mobile (or root)/Media/Downloads when selected. Note: Torrents continue downloading even when program is closed. A device restart can often activate/fix stubborn torrents.courtesy of sunburst:


You can found Torrentula on Cydia under BigBoss and PlanetiPhones repository in the Utilities Section:


torrentula1torrentula2 torrentula3


Features of Torrentula :

  • Download you .torrent Files right to your iPhone
  • Mail your .torrent / downloaded Files
  • Delete/Rename your downloaded Files/ .torrent Files
  • Stop the Download
  • Pause/Resume the Download
  • view your downloaded Files

Torrentula Requires :

  • Safari Download PlugIn
  • Enhanced cTorrent
  • attachment= for mail


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  2. fame August 12, 2009 Reply

    aha! but how long does it gonna take to download gigabytes of file on 3G ?
    May be it works on a rather small file.

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    (What a retard would say, no offense)
    “Uhhhh, I’ll take the scratched one. Duuhhh” LOL

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