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Quick Look at Snow Leopard’s New Advanced Text, QuickTime X.


Recently Apple seeded Snow Leopard build 10A286 to a group of developers. If you have a look on leaked build notes you may find that Almost all of the applications have been rebuilt in Cocoa and 64 bit. And a new Put Back feature that allows deleted files to be returned to the folder they were deleted from and much more. The latest Build 10A286 has a minimalist QuickTime X, a Cocoa-based Finder and support for Safari 4 Beta. Recently AppleInsider reveals variety of advanced text related features that have been added across all applications using Core Text. According to report Snow Leopard will boast automatic spell correction that will simply replace words such as ‘teh’ or ‘spelll’ with a hit of the spacebar. All applications are to benefit from this feature.



snowleo-090306-2Besides detailing a few of the Core Text additions to be found in Snow Leopard, AppleInsider also took a close look at Build’s 10A286 QuickTime X. According to AppleInsider QuickTime X have a minimalistic UI using controls that fade away after a short period of non-interaction, leaving just the video displayed. The good news is Apple will include QuickTime Pro features with QuickTime X free of charge.



quicktimexplayer090307-1                 Mockups of the minimal QuickTime X Player window interface and “trim” tools overlay



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