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Next-Gen iPhone have 802.11n Wireless : Rumor.


FINAL FINAL WiFi next logo BusinessInsider merged a new rumor for the next gen iPhone which is predicted to be launched in this summer along iPhone OS 3.0 The latest rumor is about the Internet Speed of iPhone Next Gen. According to the rumors next iPhone is equipped with Wireless 802.11n instead of 802.11g/b. The upcoming standard 802.11n significantly improve network throughput over previous standards, such as 802.11b and 802.11g, with a significant increase in the maximum raw data rate from 54 Mbit/s to a maximum of 600 Mbit/s.On the other hand TGn workgroup is not expected to finalize the amendment until December 2009. Still most of enterprises already migrated to 802.11n networks based on Draft 2 of the 802.11n proposal. 802.11n is promised to operated at  5 GHz and/or 2.4 GHz with data rate of 600 Mbit/s Max and signal longs upto 300 mtrs. Lets take a quick look at the rumored thoughts of BusinessInsider.


  • This can’t be referring to AT&T’s 4G (LTE) network, because that won’t be ready for a year or more.
  • This might be referring to faster wifi, and not faster 3G access? (802.11n vs. its current 802.11g/b.)
  • AT&T has repeatedly vowed to speed up its 3G network via updates to the network. Is it possible that the current iPhone can’t support those increased speeds?
  • We don’t expect Apple to comment, but we’ve asked.
  • Either way, we hope it’s true. At least in New York, the iPhone’s pokey 3G speed has been its biggest shortcoming.


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