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Installer 4.1 for iPhone / iPod Touch is Available for Download.


RipDev Announced installer.app version 4.1 with various bug fixes. Installer is a software installer for Jailbreaked iPhone / iPod Touch. The Installer was the first 3rd party applications installer for iPhone and iPhone Touch. Installer allows users to install 3rd party applications into /Applications/ directory where native applications are kept. User can install applications from a variety of sources provided. Installer.app was originally developed by NullRiver and later on RipDev took over the Installer project and started developing Installer 4.0. Installer is available in QuickPwn software as a payload. Recently RipDev announced the latest version of Installer 4.1 At the moment Installer 4.0 didn’t gain as much popularity as Installer 3.0 did because most of the jailbroken devices used Cydia.


Installer 4.1 is out. What’s new?

  • Cancelable tasks: certain tasks now can be cancelled by sliding your finger across it in the Tasks window.
  • Progress indicator in the source refresh task.
  • German localization.
  • Updated infrastructure for the upcoming InstallerApp.
  • Of course, bug fixes. 🙂


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  1. justfiryou February 13, 2011 Reply

    would you mind maybe putting up a freaking link to the damn thing??

  2. Bryan January 13, 2011 Reply

    How do I do that

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