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Highlights of iPhone OS 3.0 Software Event.


Apple organized a special event for select members of the media to show off the next iteration of the iPhone operating system A.K.A. iPhone OS 3.0. If you have missed the live coverage don’t worry here we have the highlights of the event as described by the Joshua Topolsky of Engadget,  Jason Chen and B. Lam of Gizmodo. Needless to say the room was fully packed with audience. Event started sharp 10:00 AM by Greg Jos not by Phil Schiller. The iPhone is in 80 countries around the world & 17 million iPhones sold through December 2008 13.7m in 2008 alone. If you count iPod Touch together with iPhones, they’ve sold 30 million devices. iPhone SDK is downloaded about 800,000 Times. At the moment App Store holds 25,000 apps with 800 million downloads of all apps in the span of 8 months.


10:08 AM  Time for Scott Forstall, SVP of iPhone Software to give us a preview of iPhone. According to Scott  the 3.0 software is a major update to all iPhones and iPod Touches. 3.0 brings 1,000 new APIs for Developers. In-App Purchase means now Developers have the option to sell levels of games “ You can purchase a game with 10 levels, then you can tap to update with another 10 levels within the game.” Another example is for city guides. Instead of selling a huge city guide app, you can sell one city guide app, then sell each individual city separately (and for more money) inside the app. Not Applicable to Free Apps.


10:15 AM Another New Feature is Peer to Peer connectivity “ The new multiplayer connectivity allows you to bring up a dialog that lets you find local devices. The services provided are Automatic Discovery over Bluetooth (no Wi-Fi), no pairing, Bonjour, and isn’t just for games. “ Google Maps The Maps app can now be used as a public API and be embedded directly into any app. Developers can now use CoreLocation to make Turn by Turn applications. Background Processing is not included in next update to prevent battery drainage. According to Apples Test by opening up an IM app, and just having it run in the background lowers battery by 80%. By using Apple’s push notifications, battery life only dropped by 23% when an IM app is “open” in the background, listening for messages. So iphone 3.0 will have Push Notifications.

10:33 AM Electronics Arts EA is in the Arena with Sims 3, you can buy items for the Sims in the App Store directly from the game for $0.99 each no need to connect to iTunes. ESPN Alert App Now iPhone is able to receive alerts directly to your phone using the push notification service, plus play the ESPN tone whenever that happens. Update your data plan for experiencing your sport on the move. Hurrah Finally Official announcement of Cut, Copy n Paste. How it works “ double tap onto a bit of text and it automatically places a CUT, COPY, PASTE  bubble above your current selection. Double tap to bring up a paste bubble later to paste. To select an entire block of text, put your thumb on the right drag point and drag it to where you want your block of text to end. You can drag the left drag point as well.For Undo & Redo just shake your phone.”

cut copy paste iphone


11:12 AM  Landscape mode is introduced in Safari means Now you can use landscape in “all key applications” including Mail. Works for Notes and message also. Message inbox is enhanced now you can  forward and delete message or individual messages or multiple messages. MMS , Voice recording also introduced with iPhone 3.0 update. Stocks.app is also updated with headlines feature and Landscape  mode. Search through Email ( Even IMAP) , Calendar iPod and Home Screen for App through Spotlight. To access spotlight just flick from left in your standard home screen. kinda looks like the Palm Pre. Moreover iPhone 3.0 have Other good features like: Notes Sync, audio/video tags, live streaming, shake to shuffle, Wi-Fi auto login, Stereo Bluetooth, LDAP, iTunes account creation, YouTube ratings, Anti-Philshing, Call Log, Parental Controls, Media Scrubber, OTA profiles, VPN on demand, Languages, YouTube subscriptions, YouTube accounts and Encrypted profiles. Also, auto-fills.


11:25 AM  Availability Developer beta is released today, It’s going to be available to everyone in the iPhone developer program. Final release will be available in this summer, Free for iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G.Some features like MMS and Stereo Bluetooth will not be available in iPhone 2G. For both iPod Touch users update costs as a $9.95 update. Where is Flash, No update about Flash support. 11:30 AM Ends.


Missing Things : Tethering Support, Flash Support, MMS support for iPhone 2G,  Hardware details for upcoming iPhone, Rumored Tablet Netbook,


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