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BitTorrent is Flooded with Fake aXXo Torrents.


axxo TorrentFreak.com reported that Bit-Torrent sites are flooded with fake aXXo files. Everyone who is bit-torrent addicted beware of bogus aXXO files. aXXo files are popular among the file sharing community using peer-to-peer file sharing protocols. The aXXo files gained popularity due to the fact that aXXo produces files of comparatively small size and consistently good quality. File sizes are approximately 700 MB – the same size as a Compact Disc. Most of us believe that if it’s aXXo it’s quality reproduction.Due to aXXo popularity in the file sharing aXXo is faked by a variety of individuals and groups to mimic the source identity as a disguise for their own uploads on file sharing websites. aXXo converts commercial DVD movies into apprx. 700MB AVI files which are then used to create a .torrent file that is uploaded to Bittorrent Trackers allowing the movie to be downloaded. You can check aXXo profile on Mininova by clicking here.


According to Torrent Freak “ Uploading fakes to a BitTorrent network is relatively easy, but keeping the torrents active is a much more difficult task. The moderation teams on private trackers remove fakes as soon as they appear – if people are stupid enough to even try to upload them. Other directories such as The Pirate Bay and Mininova, however, are more difficult to police due to their open nature but these sites continually battle fakes too.”


If you  have downloaded the fake aXXO file the file may contain Trojan or Virus.The type of maliciously fake files include RAR format files that require the user to download a trojan virus disguised as a codec needed to view associated AVI format files. Other fake files encourage the user to register on dubious websites or require the user install the DomPlayer software. Fake files might also contain malware being capable of retrieving the IP address of its user’s computer.Be aware of the fake aXXo files.


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