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Apple Seeded Mac OS X 10.5.7 Build 9J30 to Developers.


World of Apple confirms that Apple has seeded Mac OS X 10.5.7 build 9J30 to dev’s. This is the third build seeded to developers. The first OS X 10.5.7 build 9J22 was seeded on 27 feb’09 and second build  was seeded on 7th of March’09 under the tag of build 9J27. The rapid development of Mac OS X 10.5.7 suggests a public release before the end of March.In the latest seed notes Apple asks developers to focused on new areas such as Flash Player, USB and Flash Drives, iCal and Widgets. Many bugs are fixed like Mobile me syncing, Address book syncing, iChat framerates  and file syncing and much more the complete seed notes are given below. The Seed notes are once again published by WorldofApple.


Seed Notes of Mac OS X Build 9J30 :


Known Issues

  • Safari 4 Beta only installs on Mac OS X 10.5.6.

General Focus Areas

  • AFP
  • AirPort
  • Bluetooth
  • Directory Services
  • FileSync
  • Flash Player
  • GraphicsDrivers
  • iCal
  • iDisk Synching
  • Mail
  • Managed Client
  • MobileMe Synching
  • Networking
  • Parental Controls
  • Printing
  • Screen Sharing
  • Sound
  • Time Machine
  • USB & Flash Drives
  • VPN
  • Widgets
  • X11

Areas of Change

  • Flash Player updated
  • Fixed issue with CoreGraphics and screen zoom parameters
  • Issue with iChat framerates fixed
  • Fixed problem with HFS+ volumes and DVD media
  • Resolved issue with iCal CalDAV and calendar refresh
  • Issue with CPU Software and digital output fixed

Issues fixed in previous seeds:

  • Resolved issue with launchd and LoginWindow capturing crash data
  • Issue with LoginWindow and FileVault remote backups fixed
  • Fixed problem with Time Capsule and sparse image backups
  • Fixed issue with Print & Fax pref pane and managing settings
  • Resolved crashing issue with Parental Controls and System Preferences
  • Fixed problem with HFS and MBR partitioned volumes
  • Fixed hanging issue with MobileMe Sync tab
  • Fixed issue with iCalExternalSync and iCal Synchronization
  • Issue with AC interrupts and Sleep/Wake resolved
  • Fixed problem with Portable Home Directories and Login/Logout not syncing
  • Resolved issue with Mail accounts and syncing
  • Fixed issue with CoreAnimation and mouse movement between snapshots
  • Fixed problem with System Profiler Plug-Ins and panic logs
  • Resolved crashing issue with Help Viewer
  • Resolved crashing issue with Preview Image
  • Fixed issue with IOHIDPosteEvent()
  • Fixed problem with MobileMe AOSNotification not sending JID
  • Resolved issue with AddressBook Sync and Mail Addressing
  • Fixed problem with NSOperationQueue and PThreads
  • Fixed issue with LoginWindow UI and AirPort
  • Issue with Virtual Memory and wired pages fixed
  • Images are now retained when syncing between two Macs using Mail Sync
  • Resolved issue with CFNetwork Host and AppStore loading delays
  • Issue with Networking and TCP FIN resolved
  • Issue with FPCatalog search and AFP X Client resolved
  • File/Folder label changes over AFP now visible without unmounting/remounting
  • Fixed problem with NSView and layer-backed views inside a scroll
  • NSURLConnection now correctly notifies client before transmission
  • Resolved NSinvalidSendPortExceptions with Sync Services Engine
  • Fixed problem with CFNetwork Cookies and SAP cookie path
  • Resolved issue with CFNetwork Cache and DF URL cache
  • Fixed problem with iCal CalDAV and cancelled meetings still showing up for attendees
  • Hanging issue with CFURLCache thread fixed
  • Issue with MobileMe AOSNotification connection failures resolved
  • Resolved issue with Safari and certain cookies not being accepted
  • Fixed crashing issue with mdworker and signed messages
  • Resolved issue with MCX Client and visible groups
  • Resolved value issue with cupsBorderlessScalingFactor
  • Issue with CoreData Framework and foreign key references resolved
  • Fixed issue with Weather Widget and default city selection
  • CoreData Framework now ensures cached statements are nulled out after being finalized in the event of an error
  • Resolved issue with Desktop Services where desktop may not update correctly
  • Fixed value issue with Unit Converter Widget
  • Resolved issue with NSData and CoreData Framework
  • Fixed issue with ImageCapture not recognizing certain CompactFlash card adapters
  • Fixed issue with CUPS and Print & Fax Preference Pane
  • Resolved issue with CoreData fetch and CoreData Framework
  • Fixed issue where Stocks Widget was unresponsive in certain situations
  • iCalExternalSync no longer wrongly clears the “original date” field of a detached Task
  • Fixed issue where Preferences Sync would use excessive CPU cycles
  • Fixed problem with delegate windows and multiple error messages with iCal DAV
  • Issue with HICocoaView and mouse tracking resolved
  • Fixed button issue with Energy Saver pref pane
  • issue with Login window and MCX Client resolved
  • Fixed issue with Netbooting and the Energy Saver pref pane
  • Fixed problem with AMDocumentVersion and Automator Application
  • Updated ICC Profiles in ColorSync Registry
  • Issue with last modification date and Sync Services Engine resolved


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