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The all new Insanelymac with new features.



untitledInsanelymac the mecca for OSX86 has changed it’s theme from White Blue to Silver Black with a new tag line ” Mental About Macs ” . Insanelymac was founded by Jason Swadely A.K.A. ” Swad ” in 2005. Later on Swad sell the site to Fubra Limited – a small UK based web services group owned by Brendan, Paul, Ed, and Jim.  Ed and Jim also have their own design studio, do1. Insanelymac have  a total of 1,054,803 posts through it’s 324,079 registered members. Insanelymac is the evolution of OSX86 & best place for Noobs & Genius of OSX86, In my early days of OSX86 i have spent a lot of my time on Insanelymac and no doubt this site make me what i am today.lets take a quick look at the new editions of Insanelymac site.

OSx86 Database Beta is added with an Improving list of comprehensive hardware database of Mac OS X compatible PC components the best place to verify the compaitibility of your hardware with OSX86.


Lot’s of real time customization’s also included like Toggle between Full screen mode & Normal width mode, You also can change background of forum with 4 backgrounds colours Silver, Black, Striped and Wood looks, A real time stock graph of Apple is also included.All new user control panel for more details move to insanelymac now.


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