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iPC X 132 Alternative of Boot 132 Retail Install.



Hara Taiki man behind iPC 10.5.6 and iPC X DL with PCWIZ announced his latest project iPC X 132 an alternative replacement of Boot 132 based retail install. Boot 132 hack can install retail version of Mac OS X Leopard on PC. Advantage of Boot 132 is its ability to install updates directly from software update. hands over to Hara Taiki Announcement of iPC X 132 “ I’m going to preview iPC X-132, our boot-132 solution. Please note that this is based on lifeboat13 which I posted about in an earlier post, made by Hagar. Many thanks to him for letting us use it as a base to expand on. Here’s what it is going to consist of “


*PureDarwin (for Mac shell compatibility, on hand -s in case main install kernel panics and you can’t access single user mode anymore)
*Ultimate Boot CD
*Partition Magic
*Damn Small Linux
*Custom installer to setup boot-132 on main install
*Installer installs special /boot for /Extra and /Extra/Extension support
*Installer installs kexts needed into /Extra/Extensions
*Installer installs kernel into /Extra and modifies com.apple.Boot.plist properly to support this
*Installer contains all patches from iPC OSx86 10.5.6 Univeral v1.1
*ISO size should be around 550MB with all utilities and installer package




For the moment, this will need to be burned to a CD to boot, isolinux doesn’t have USB/HDD boot support. However, using the installer package will eliminate the need to keep using iPC X-132 to boot your “vanilla” system because of /boot and /Extra being used directly in the installed system. This will enable you to have protection from MOST Apple Software Updates (10.5.x updates).

Update : Pcwiz and Hara Taiki have decided to hold off on iPC X-132, while we wait for the new Chameleon to come out. It will put isolinux to shame and provide many of the great boot-132 support features we need as well as other amazing features we could make good use out of. Plus, it will allow us to make a universal boot-132 disc and USB key, so no having to manually swap out isolinux for syslinux to move from disc to USB bootstrapping, or messing with config files to force isolinux to have that ability, etc. It will be a great asset and I can’t wait for it to become a reality.


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  1. joe bob May 7, 2010 Reply

    damn it this is not out yet

  2. nick May 20, 2009 Reply

    will boot camp work with this method?

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