Jailbreak your iPhone

iModem Use iPhone (and iPhone 3G) as 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WI-FI modem for PC


wifi Yes it is possible to run internet in your pc by using iPhone / iPhone 3G as a modem.The only weak point of iModem is it requires a Jailbreaked iPhone. The application is costs at deserving 9.99$. If you wants to run internet from your iPhone, iPhone 3G iModem is for you. iModem supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32/64 bit with iTunes 7.5 or higher and a jailbreaked iPhone / iPhone 3G.Mac & Linux support is on floor & may be released sooner or later.If you like to jailbreak your iPhone 3G then check our guide here.


Program’s features:

# Use iPhone (and iPhone 3G) as 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WI-FI modem for PC.
# You need only USB-cable, whitch is included into iPhone’s complect
# Speed of data transmission is about 5 Mbit/s if connect through WI-FI
# Automatic installation of the program on iPhone
# Program doesn’t use iPhone’s resources when it doesn’t work
# Automatically restores connection at fail of communication
# Feature – “tunnelling” connections and traffic

System requirements:

# OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista 32/64 bit
# RAM: 64 Mb
# iTunes version 7.5 or higher
# “Jailbreaking” iPhone with firmware 1.1.?, 2.0.x, 2.1

Price – $9.99
To buy now – click here


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    Cool iPhone blog, I hope you’re going to do some articles on the iPhone 3G S as well.

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