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How to Install Google Chrome in UBUNTU Linux.



Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google and based on the WebKit layout engine and application framework.It was first released as beta for Windows in September 2, 2008. Till december chrome grabs 1% share of browser market.Mac OS X and Linux versions are under development & will be available very soon. you are really mad for running Chrome in UBUNTU Linux then explore the power of WINE ( WINdow Emulator ).Follow the simple steps given below & taste Google Chrome in UBUNTU.

  1. Make sure you have installed Wine.
  2. Make sure it is a version equal to or higher than 1.1.3 (you can do it through this command in any terminal wine-version).
  3. Winetricks download and install it: wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks winetricks sudo cp / usr / sbin
  4. Install the dependencies to work properly Chrome: winetricks riched20 riched30 flash allfonts
  5. Download Chromeoffline Installer: wget http://gpdl.google.com/chrome/install/149.27/chrome_installer.exe
  6. Install Chrome through Wine: wine chrome_installer.exe
  7. Still will not run. You need to adjust a few things. Google opens the icon Chrome.desktop with your favorite editor and look for this line: Exec = env WINEPREFIX = “/ home / mimir / .wine” wine “C: \ \ windows \ \ profiles \ \ mimir \ \ Local Settings \ \
    Application Data \ Google \ \ Chrome \ Application \ \ chrome.exe “
  8. Add at the end the following:-new-http-in-process-plugins


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