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How to Extract | Rip Region Protected DVD in Mac OSX.


MacTheRipper is a Mac OS X application that enables users to create a playable copy of the contents of a Video DVD by defeating the Content Scramble System. During this process it may optionally modify or disable the DVD region code or the User operation prohibition features of the copied data. The previous lack of an OS X equivalent to the PC software DVDShrink gave this standalone DVD ripper widespread popularity among Macintosh users.

MacTheRipper is a computer program that facilitates copying the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive. They are mainly used to transfer video on DVDs to different formats, to edit or back up DVD content, and for converting DVD video for playback on media players and mobile devices. Some DVD rippers include additional features, such as the ability to decrypt DVDs, remove copy preventions and make disks unrestricted and region-free.

Step 1. install Mac the ripper
The official project was closed around 2006 but we managed to find a proper hosted location for you. Download it from: Here  To install Mac The Ripper, simply mount the .dmg archive by double-clicking it, and copy the Mac The Ripper application from it to your Applications folder (or wherever you want it ), along with this Mac The Ripper Manual if you need it.

Step 2. convert dvd for free
To use Mac The Ripper, you should insert your DVD movie into your DVD drive and launch the Mac The Ripper application. Then, you should set the RCE options if applicable. If Mac The Ripper displays ‘DISC RCE: -CLEAR-‘ after scanning the DVD in the drive, you can leave the ‘RCE Region’ popup menu on ‘OFF’, as it is by default. Only (and always) set the ‘RCE Region’ to ‘OFF’ when it says that RCE is ‘-CLEAR-‘.

Once you’ve selected the type of extraction and options you want, you can go back to the ‘Disc’ tab and click the ‘GO!’ button (or hit the ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ key) to start the extraction. The speed of the extraction is



Step 3, finish extract movie from dvd.


You can find a folder in the save location. The output files extacted by mac the ripper are saved as .VOB  format .

Tip: RCE region protection
region 1: North America; U.S. territories; Bermuda
region 2: Europe; Western Asia; Kingdom of the Netherlands; Egypt, Japan, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland; British overseas territories, French overseas territories; Greenland
region 3: East and Southeast Asia
region 4: Oceania; Central and South America; Caribbean; Mexico
region 5: Africa, Central and South Asia, Belarus, India, Mongolia, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine
region 6: Mainland China.


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  1. Moon October 21, 2009 Reply

    Yes, Mactheripper is a cool and free software to rip protected dvd on mac,but you can also try out another third party software: Mac DVD Copy
    you can follow this guide to backup your protected DVDs on Mac

  2. dvdripperformac July 16, 2009 Reply

    You can try the DVD Video Converter Suite for Mac, it can help Mac OS X users not only rip DVD to AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, but also finish conversions among all common video format like convert AVI to MP4, convert MPEG to AVI, etc. With the DVD Converter Suite for Mac, you can easily put your favorite DVD and video on iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, Apple TV, YouTube, etc.

  3. merso June 16, 2009 Reply

    IIf you want to Remove DVD Protections and Copy DVD on Mac OS,I share you below website:

  4. James Smith February 24, 2009 Reply

    Well, I have been searching, and trying, searching and trying.. downloaded and installed, etc etc etc.

    I have been using computers for 20 years, so today, I decided that I want to rip a dvd so that I can burn my own dvd. Well, after nearly 12 hours of trying, I have given up and am trying blogs.


    I have a brand new MacBook Pro with OSX 10.5 so my computer is fine.

    All I want to do is insert a dvd that I bought in to the computer, read the dvd and stick a blank dvd into the computer and duplicate it.

    I will even repeat this in a different way so even help clarify what I just wrote.

    I simply want to duplicate an existing dvd onto a blank one.

    Is this so hard? well obviously I must be an idiot r something because I have failed.

    is there any software out there for idiots like me? that will read a dvd and then burn it?

    Oh gee I hope there is.

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