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Highlights of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Build 10A261.


Apple seedeed Build 10A261 to a group of developers in the starting of february.The latest build 10A261 doesn’t have any noticeable change with respect to last release Build 10A222. We also talked about that Apple is going to add Quicktime Pro @ Free of cost in Snow Leopard. QuickTime Pro unlocks has features like advanced recording, sharing, saving and exporting video.Apple’s “ProApplications” (e.g. Final Cut Studio, Logic Studio). Now After leaking the seed notes of Snow Leopard build 10A261 World of Apple published a set of pictures of the upcoming OS X Snow leopard features. World of Apple also revealed that, there’s an option now to open applications in 32 bit mode.Take a quick look below.

tn_snowleopard_10a261_006 World of Apple has found more than stability improvements within the latest Snow Leopard build, which also indicates development is coming along. Some of those findings include:
1- “Minor UI changes” to the System Preferences
2- The Keyboard Shortcuts Preference pane is now considerably easier to use
3- Application footprints in Snow Leopard are significantly reduced. Almost all of the applications have been rebuilt in Cocoa and 64 bit
4- The majority of running processes are now Intel (64 bit)
5- The new Put Back feature allows deleted files to be returned to the folder they were deleted from
6- You can now navigate the folder structure in Stacks.


tn_snowleopard_10a261_001 tn_snowleopard_10a261_002 tn_snowleopard_10a261_004 tn_snowleopard_10a261_007 tn_snowleopard_10a261_010 tn_snowleopard_10a261_011 tn_snowleopard_10a261_012 tn_snowleopard_10a261_013 tn_snowleopard_10a261_015 tn_snowleopard_10a261_016


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  1. Renegade July 2, 2009 Reply

    The majority of the processes running are now Intel? All my Apple processes since Tiger have always been Intel.

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