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First Screenshots of Safari 4 Beta and Snow Leopard Beta.


As we already posted support of Safari 4 up to Snow leopard 10.6, Apfeltalk.de published the picture of snow Leopard with Safari 4.According to Apfeltalk.de  at least one new feature within Snow Leopard’s Safari 4. The new build is allegedly able to create desktop web applications! Much like iPhone owners are able to store and view web bookmarks, While macnn notes, Safari 4 users will also be able to do this as it includes a pull-down menu called “Save as Web Application.” Softpedia writes As far as speed is concerned, although Safari 4 is touted as the fastest out there, thanks to SquirrelFish, Apfeltalk’s tests showed little to no improvements. The test was carried out on an iMac and Safari 4 actually fell behind the currently available version of Apple’s web browser in some situations.



 First-Snow-Leopard-and-Safari-4-Screens-2First-Snow-Leopard-and-Safari-4-Screens-3 First-Snow-Leopard-and-Safari-4-Screens-4 First-Snow-Leopard-and-Safari-4-Screens-5


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