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First Look at Parted Magic 3.6


Patrick Verner released the latest version of Parted Magic Live CD. Parted Magic is a Live Slackware-based Linux distribution designed to help users with hard disk partitioning and recovery tasks. Parted Magic gets an all new avatar with the modern user interface design you can check it on the screenshots given below. The “Live” option is back and Parted Magic runs on a machine with 128MB of RAM. There is also a “low memory” option that disables unnecessary daemons to speed up systems that only require trivial tasks, like running GParted. The “Live” option was tested on a PII with 128MB of RAM.



“When I was retooling the boot procedure I decided to remove splashy. It’s [sic] looks good, but it’s just eating-up RAM/space and causing strange behavior in the ttys.” – said Patrick Verner







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