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Philips launched first 21:9 TV


philips-21-9-cinemascope-lcd-tv_270x2512Many people may just now be getting used to the idea of the 16:9 aspect ratio HDTVs have. The whole black bars at the top and bottom just kinda throws people off I guess.

Personally, I’ve never had a problem with this. I just never understood how someone could prefer pan scan movies over letterbox once the difference was explained to them. I mean, you’re getting the whole movie with Letterbox and a cheap knockoff with “Fullscreen” that has its cadges caught off. Not to mention really awkward pans. Yeah, I’m a movie snob, so what?.

Phillips will attempt to end any association home movies have with black bars when they release what is, according to them, the world’s first 21:9 aspect ratio HDTV, the Cinema 21:9.

Until now, all HDTVs had an aspect ratio of 16:9. Movies shot in the 185:1 aspect ratio when converted to DVD can roughly fit on 16:9 HDTVs without the need of black bars. Movies shot in the 235:1 aspect ratio have a wider picture. When these movies are brought home, the black bars are necessary to see the entire picture, otherwise the image would be stretched or zoomed and the right and left edges clipped off.

The Cinema 21:9 will attempt to remedy this inconstancy through a means that Philips haven’t gone into detail with yet. According to the company you’ll be able to view 235:1 content, full screen, sans the black bars or zooming. In addition, regular 16:9 content from TV broadcasts and games will also be automatically adapted to fill the 21:9 screen.

Philips pans to release the Cinema 21:9 this spring with more info coming in February.



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  1. Ryan October 13, 2009 Reply

    Yeah, does anyone know if they sell 4:3 HDTV’s anymore? Preferably in the CRT fashion?

  2. Stuee February 1, 2009 Reply

    Urmm… black side-bars per chance? duh

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