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Noobs guide to Install Android Cupcake on G1 Phone Emulator.


androidThere has been a lot of buzz on the internet recently about Android’s Cupcake nullwire has been posted the way to install much awaited Android Cupcake on G1 Phone Emulator. 

Android Cupcake has many new features some of them are listed below.

  • The new onscreen keyboard
  • Live folders
  • Window transitions
  • Smiley’s in the messaging application
  • Loads of new languages added 

1. Download and Install the Android SDK Download here.

2. Now Download latest Android images which includes cupcake update using below link Download here.

3. Unzip  files to a temporary location.

4. Backup the folder <android_sdk_folder>/tools/lib/images (android_sdk_folder is the Android SDK installation folder)

5. Replace the files ramdisk.img, system.img and userdata.img in <android_sdk_folder>/tools/lib/images with the files unpacked from the zip in step 3.

6. Start the emulator and wait.

Check the following video for more information.


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