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Next Generation iPhone Around the Corner ?


MacRumors Mecca for Apple latest rumors finds an Evidence for Next Generation iPhone in the latest iPhone Firmware 2.2.1. A String file indicates that Apple is secretly working on Next Gen iPhone.As earlier we compared about iPhone VS Palm Pre in that discussion Palm Pre emerges as a clear winner.The next generation iPhone point to the support of Multi-Core CPUs for adding Multitasking.

The original iPhone carries the model number of “iPhone 1,1” while the 3G iPhone is labeled “iPhone 1,2”. These numbers do not change for simple storage increases and instead represent functionally different devices. Similarly, the iPod Touch was originally introduced as the “iPod 1,1” and the most recent hardware revision was labeled “iPod2,1”. The 2,1 iPod Touch added a speaker, volume controls, microphone support and a much faster processor than the 1st generation model. This new model number can be found in the USBDeviceConfiguration.plist in an unencrypted firmware.

MacRumor’s also notes that “iPhone2,1” models have been detected by PinchMedia ad serving reports as you can see in the image below.



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