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MMS capability hitting soon to iPhone.



Finally the most awaited missing functionality of  iPhone MMS has to come sooner or later. MacBlogz reports that AT&T is working on a wireless network caching method which will involve sending of compressed and cached image links as SMS messages instead of images.



According to ATT  ” We propose a wireless network cache model to facilitate the cooperative proxy caching in wireless base stations A self-configured and adaptive virtual proxy graph (VPG) is used to achieve efficient data search, data cache and date replication Based on demand, the aggregate effect of data caching, searching and replicating actions by individual proxies automatically distributes cached web documents closer to the interested mobile clients Our performance study demonstrates that the proposed individual-based wireless proxy caching scheme outperforms existing caching schemes in terms of different performance metrics. ”


This is the first step in allowing iPhones to view MMS messages without going through all of the third party applications or secret trick’s. Lack of MMS support is a pain for many iPhone users even though there are other alternatives to send/receive pictures via email from iPhone. The problem with sending images from iPhone to iPhone is the lack of native support to view images. Third-party applications like Flutter have tried to bring mms on iphone, but with restrictions on how messages are sent and received.


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