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iPhone OS 2.2.1 Doesn’t Affect Jailbreak but Unlocking Affected.



iPhone software update version 2.2.1 does not break the iPhone Dev Team’s methods of jailbreak. However, 2.2.1 does break the 3G software unlock.

previously we talked about the release & download links for iphone 2.2.1 Update check here.

“There is an iPhone and iPod update available in iTunes – it is numbered 2.2.1 (5H11a). Please DO NOT update. We will investigate and report back to you ASAP,” says the team on its blog. A video explaining what the update means is also available on behalf of the dev team.


Edit : iPhone Dev Team released Pwnage & Quickpwn tool for 2.2.1 Download here

According to cash7c3 founder of MMI.

– 2.2.1 does not break the dev team’s methods of jailbreak;
– 2.2.1 breaks the 3g software unlock;
– 2.2.1 does not break iPhone 2G unlock since the 2G baseband is not updated.

Those who benefit from using a jailbroken device are advised to wait until the dev team comes up with a solution to upgrade to 2.2.1 without losing the unlock.

It is also rumored that Dev team will comes with a new version of Quickpwn so wait & watch.


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