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Install Mac Leopard OS X Retail DVD on a Ordinary PC with Boot 132 hack.



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  1. ivanramses May 22, 2009

    hi i have a HP PC with phoenix bios (too little options)
    mi proccesor is a core 2 duo 6400, 2 GB of DDR800 in dual channel mode
    Nvidia 9800GT-1GB

    when i try to install on an usb hard drive
    (not so relevant) the monitor goes no signal and it goes suspend mode and the DVD reads something a few seconds, it happens in different stages of instalation: before i select the destination, when installer is checking DVD, when installer is writting on the hard drive, etc}
    i tryed -s -x modifiers, 1-CPU fix, ACMI fix
    i dont know what is happening, my ram and CPU are fine it did not giveme any other problems

  2. David Kominek May 19, 2009

    If you are having the issue where you boot the CD to the grey screen with the apple OR to the leopard wallpaper with the spinning beachball, try to use this Boot CD…


    It has the dsmos.kext and seems to be working for most people with the before mentioned problems.

    I did not make this Boot CD, if it works for you all credit should go to K.I.S.S at InsanelyMac forums.

    Good Luck!

  3. Jack May 3, 2009

    If I install this to a second hard drive and I have windows on the other will i still be able to duel boot? (kinda nooby at this stuff)

    mobo – asus p5ql
    processor – intel q9550
    using vista on other hdd

  4. Christian April 16, 2009

    Hi, ich habe ein Gigabyte EP35.DS3 gibt es da auch etwas spezielles

  5. Ralph April 11, 2009

    scrap the last one.
    i get to the apple screan for split second as described above. my computer is:
    Sager np9262 built on:
    Clevo D901c
    intel core quad 2.83
    4gig ram
    2-300gb Hitachi hard drives.
    do you have a special boot 132 for this?
    Thank You.

  6. Christopher March 30, 2009

    Great… 80% of you guys asking questions don’t even know the basic specs about your PCs/mobos (Intel Core 2 duo quad…), in some cases I’m really surprised that you managed to run Windows!

    It wasn’t easy for me too to install it on P5K vanilla, but I know every little spec of my machine and some of you guys just don’t get the problem, i.e. why it is a bad idea to try it with Pentium IVs, non-Intel chipsets (all combined with a non-hacked kernel) and so on.

    Just a little hint: If you describe your PC by saying “it’s a Dell” or something just stop trying to do it, because if you ain’t able to get infos about the hardware you use, how in hell are you going to do the install, bootloader and kext installing?

    And no, it won’t work with IDE DVD-drives in 99% of all cases, it can’t work so you don’t need to worry about that any longer…

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wanna tell anybody what he/she should or should not do, but if you’re not really an advanced user who understands about chipsets, graphics and hardware in general… you’re most likely just wasting your time.

  7. iMax March 28, 2009

    i am using iatkos 4.0i and when i try to boot from it,it comes to the point where i see the apple logo(boot screen) but then freezes i.e i get a circle with a strike on it (cancel sign)

    my computer configuration is
    intel pentium d820 2.8ghz
    2GB Ram
    intel d102ggc2 motherboard
    80gb hard drive(NTFS)
    sony dvd writer

  8. John March 27, 2009

    I boot the boot-132 disk just fine and I boot the leopard disk and get to the apple boot screen, after that I just get a blank sky-blue screen for hours and I am stuck here…

    I have an Acer Extensa 5620z

  9. Joyal March 25, 2009

    Can I Install Mac On My PC?
    Also I Wanna Dual Boot With Windows XP.

    Configuration :
    Windows XP – Service Pack 3
    Intel Petium Dual Core 1.6 GHz
    Intel D-945GCCR Motherboard
    Nvidia 9400GT Graphic Card
    2 GB RAM
    160 GB Hard Disk

  10. Tony Varez March 23, 2009

    Hi Vinay Prashar,
    I hope you answer. When I change DVD and put the Mac OS Retail DVD on, it starts loading some kexts and then the screen change the font, some lines goes quickly and then the computer restarts. My motherboard is an “Asus P5L 1394” and I haven’t found any image for my mobo (so I’m using the generic iso) What can I do? Hope you answer Vinay, and a lot of thanks 😉

  11. papercut March 22, 2009

    i end up with the apple and a forbid sign over it and leopard doesn’t start the installation. my mobo dfi lp dk p45 t2rs plus. by the way the link with the modified kexts doesn’t work

  12. Ved March 19, 2009

    First of all thanks for this great guide.

    I followed the steps but all I see after putting the OSx dvd is a gray apple screen with logo. I noticed that dvd was not being read after that.
    What can be the possible fix?

    My hardware config:
    Intel DG 35 mobo
    Intel core 2 duo quad 2.3 ghz
    4gb kingstn RAM
    c-gate 360 gb sata hard disk
    LG pata dvd r/w


  13. Pimmy March 15, 2009

    Hi Guys,

    I am struggling to make the install run on my Dell Precision 670 with IDE HDD and 2 Gb RAM – Floppy, SATA and SCSI are disabled.

    It freezes on the white apple background, no matter what I set in the BIOS (I might have wrong combination though).

    I’ve tried two different boot images: BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY and asus_p5w-dh_boot-132.iso, but its the same.

    On the Asus image I get the following messages:
    EBIOS read error: Error 0xbb
    Block 9 Sector 64

    Loading Darwin/x86
    Attempting to determine CPU Multiplier. If system reboots, RDMSR 198h causes a fault.
    Determined CPU:FSB multiplier to be 15
    Measuring TSC frequency (e.g. CPU speed)
    CPU runs at 2992.831266 MHz
    BUS must therefore run at 199.522084 MHz

    Anyone any clues what can I do to sort this out?



  14. Vishu March 14, 2009

    First of all i would like to thank you. I installed osx on my hp dv9222tx laptop using this guide. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but i need drivers to get the internet working on this mac. I have intel pro/1000 pl card. Please help


  15. Frank March 13, 2009

    Hi, I tried installing LEO on the Lenovo S10 but is stuck at the spinning beach ball…Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance…

  16. pippo March 13, 2009

    in the meantime i managed to install ideneb 1.4 on my system. ideneb is the only distro that gets me a working gt9500 (1024MB).
    but i’m still trying to get the retail leo dvd on my system.

  17. Twezee March 11, 2009

    Hi there Im kind of a noob so excuse me for being so green to this but i like the idea of trying this i’ve done some research and i figured i would try these specs plz let me know if everthing is good and what special instructions i need Thx.

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
    ASUS P5Q Deluxe LGA 775 Intel P45 Intel Motherboard
    Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce 9600GT 1GB Silent

  18. pippo March 11, 2009


    first of all: great tutorial!

    I’m trying to install the leo retail dvd on a Asus P5KPL/1600, quad cpu, 4G ram, geforce 9500gt, booting with the Boot-132 Generic.
    After inserting the Leo-dvd i get the”space-background” and unfortunately the spinning wheel, which does not stop. Nothing further is possible.

    I would be very thankful for any advice.

  19. PeteyPablo March 9, 2009

    LoL, cool, so Im going to try the Kalyway disc.
    I can get it to install and get to the part that says restart
    It restarts
    An error comes out stating EBIOS Read Error, timed out
    Dont know if did something wrong or not, but Let u know


  20. PeteyPablo March 8, 2009

    I have gotten farther in my install.
    I flashed the bios with afudos, and now I was able to get past the apple logo with the gear and see the mac os x space background.
    Im just stuck at the spining beach ball.

    Im going to try the iPC iso, if not should I try the kalyway iso, like you mentioned earlier.

    Again I appreciate any help.

    • Vinay Prashar March 9, 2009

      @ PeteyPablo, For newbees it is always recommended to stay away from Boot 132 hack. No doubt kalyway is the best OSX86 distro 🙂

  21. PeteyPablo March 6, 2009

    I have tried ur steps, i use the BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.zip to boot, I have a 10.5.6 retail
    I boot with the cdm then eject insert the boot cd
    I get the grey screen apple logo, and thats its, nothing changes, no sound like its reading the disc or anything
    I changed the SATA config to AHCI

    Mobo: ASUS P5QC
    Pro: Intel Pentium 2.83Ghz Core 2 Quad
    Ram: 2gb DDR3 1066
    Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT
    2 Pioneer DVD-RW Drives, 1 SATA, 1 IDE
    2 SATA HD’s Maxtor 120gb, Western Digital 500 GB

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Vinay Prashar March 7, 2009

      @ Pety Disable processor core in BIOS. You have intel based board so try iPC.

  22. Tommy Larsen March 6, 2009


    I get to the grey Apple logo, spinning beachball for about 5 minutes, and after that it displays a “no” sign (like the ones you see with a cigarette in it where smoking is prohibeted). I’m running Core 2 Duo on ASUS mb, don’t remember which model (@ work now) – the link btw for the modified Boot 132 is no good longer?

  23. Larsen March 5, 2009

    Hey HPN I have the same set up as you and has have the exactly same problems. .
    I did like you said put the same happened to me, have u solved it,
    How to install retail mac OS x on gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3, P45

  24. Migho88.6 March 3, 2009

    Hello Vinay Prashar!
    Is there any chance to make modified boot 132 for MSI 848P neo2-v motherboard?Or is there any tutorial on the net how to mod boot132 on your own?
    Thank you.

  25. Skratch March 3, 2009
  26. jrp March 1, 2009

    Hi Vinar Prashar

    Thanks for sharing this!

    I´m trying to install this on a new ASUS Pro73V Laptop. (M70VM)
    I also get this error printet four times:

    ebios read error error 0x01
    block 16432736 Sectors 64

    Then after some time i can see the apple logo, unfortunately it stops right there.

    Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset +ICH9M

    T9600 2,53ghz

    • Vinay Prashar March 2, 2009

      @ jrp

      For notebooks Modified OSX distros like kalyway and iPC are recommended.

  27. Matryxyan February 28, 2009

    Hi Vinar Prashar

    Thank you for your excellent tutorial.

    There’s exist a download suitable Boot 132 for my system as below.

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-G33M-D2SR,
    CPU: IntelCore 2 Dual E8400,
    Mem: 4 GB,
    Graphic:XFX nVidia 8800GT 512MB

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  28. Ben Mellors February 27, 2009

    Hi my new laptop is HP G70-120EA will this be able to boot retail leopard?
    My specs are listed below

    Intel Core 2 Duo T5800 Processor
    (2GHZ, 800MHz FSB, 2MB Cache)
    Genuine Windows Vista(R) Home Premium
    3GB Memory
    160GB Hard Drive
    17″ Widescreen Display
    Blu-ray with DVD ReWriter
    Nvidia Graphics 9200 (256MB dedicated)
    Wireless Enabled
    Built in Webcam

  29. john February 25, 2009

    OK Here’s The Detailed Information

    Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo E7200
    MOBO:Intel D975BX
    RAM:2GB DDR 800
    HD:320 GB SATA
    Video:NVIDIA 7600GT 256MB

    I Tried BOOT_KABYL_BUMBY.zip,It Stops At The Spinning Wheel With Leopard Background And Everything Stops.When I Put In -v and boot it tells me a number of errors like com.apple.systemstarter(failed to count number of files)and thats just one.I Have A PS/2 Keyboard And a USB Mouse.

  30. AnArKo February 25, 2009

    Hi, have a problem.
    After boot get Leopard stars background and multycolor mouse pinter can’t move it, but stay in this step before language select, any idea?

    Mobo : Intel DG-31PR
    Micro : Core2Duo e7400
    RAM : 4Gb DDR 800
    DVD : IDE
    HDD : 500Gb SATA
    VIDEO : NVidia 7300Le

  31. john February 24, 2009

    dude my specs are

    Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo E7200

    MOBO:Intel D975BX

    I have USB mouse but ps/2 keyboard

    it just stops with the spinning wheel with the leopard background any ideas oh and i tried boot_kabyl bumby.zip and it didnt work any ideas?

  32. Migho February 24, 2009

    Hi. I have the same problem as these guys above.I boot retail Leopard DVD and it stopps on the grey screen.
    MB: MSI 848P
    CPU: Celeron D 2.53GHz
    Can U help me?

  33. Henrik February 23, 2009

    Hii Vinay Prashar.
    I had trying all of the night to try boot whit the 132 boot cd.
    Every time i boot i get to two-digit hexadecimal boot promt, and i insert my apple dvd/cd and press enter. then my computer restarts and booting in xp again ?
    What am i doing wrong??

    My computer is an shuttle XPC SB81P

    chipset: Intel 915G + ICH6R
    Intel Pentium 4

  34. macmunch February 22, 2009

    My way.

    – Flashed Bios
    – put in settings manually
    – boot from 132 CD or USB Stick (tried both)
    – Boots till OS X Backgroup with beachball mouse more isnt come.

    any idea ?

  35. hydraconsole February 21, 2009

    The installation using the retail dvd 10.5.2 starts up fine. but the ps/2 mouse and keyboard don’t work. I found that out when I inserted a USB mouse but I don’t have a USB keyboard.

    this is why I need help with the installation using only PS/2 mouse and keyboard.


  36. rickstar89 February 20, 2009


    the boot cd that i download does work do you have a boot cd for


  37. hydraconsole February 19, 2009

    Hi, Vinay Prashar,

    Is there some way I can use my PS/2 mouse and keyboard with this installation?


  38. macmunch February 18, 2009

    got it !

    needed a Modified Bios for P5Q Pro

    But now waiting for Beachball and OSX Background ?! Doesnt load futher ?!

  39. macmunch February 18, 2009

    I booted the CD with -v

    message where it holds is

    MAC framework successfully initialized
    using 16384 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers

    any idea ?

  40. macmunch February 18, 2009

    @ Vinay

    ok I will but than I have no dual channel. Put it back in later `? after install or what ?

  41. macmunch February 18, 2009

    can somebody help me ?


  42. tzachi February 18, 2009

    can u please help me i cant get it right when i change to ahci i stuck at the gray screen and nothing
    how long it takes the os to load ?

  43. tzachi February 17, 2009

    thanks for this great trick
    i used idenb and jas and xxx all worked
    my spec is
    2 xeon quad 2gb
    mother board s5000x(intel)
    4gb ecc(mem)
    i use the 10.5.6 retail disk
    it all start and boot from the dvd but it stuck at wallpaper not grey screen why?
    the weel keep spining for 10min
    btw if i install from the retail is there drivers for the nvidia quadro cos apple recomended for finalcut(i want to use it)
    thanks in advence

  44. macmunch February 17, 2009


    UPDATE: Now It holds on the Grey Apple Logo without the spinning wheel. Only the Apple Logo … and it holds there since 30minutes … any ideas ? Maybe its the IDE DVD drive ? Should I use a SATA ?

    • Vinay Prashar February 17, 2009

      @ macmunch
      Remove 2 Rams and try again, Set Sata as IDE first if works fine otherwise try again with Sata as AHCI

  45. macmunch February 17, 2009

    hi there,

    first nice guide.

    But My Problem is I first hanged after the boot disk . When I put in Leo DVD it started and the grey apple logo halted with spinning wheel …

    Then I took you settings in bios:

    Since that it dont gets to the apple logo it restartest beforce that !

    What can I do ?

    Core 2 Duo E7300
    P5Q Pro
    4GB RAM
    320GB Western Digital ——- SATA
    Pioneer DVD Burner ——- IDE

  46. hozgor February 16, 2009

    Pensez vous qu’il soit possible de réaliser un ihackintosh avec un Packard Bell BV EasyNote_BG46-P-041W.

    config: Intel core2Duo T8100, 3Go de RAM, Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, lecteur/graveur de CD/DVD EXTERNE via USB.

  47. nam nguyen February 16, 2009

    nice post

  48. Sasho February 15, 2009

    Is it possible to install on a HP laptop dv7t,

    Processor: Intel core 2 duo T9400 @2.53 ghz
    4gb ram
    320 sata hdd

  49. Demoniac February 15, 2009

    It was meant to be a response to the article… But to answer your question:

    Maybe you should try to get some kexts that works with your system, and reconfigure the files in the boot-disc. You could try to boot from USB-memory so you don’t have to burn discs all the time.

    I’m new to this, I’ve only used OSX86, which has worked great. I now want to try this…

    Will post my experiences.

  50. blabla February 15, 2009

    and then it start windows i thing the reboot problem is hear often

  51. blabla February 15, 2009

    on my sony notebook it load the grey apple logo but then it make a reboot what can i do pls help

  52. athanaso February 15, 2009

    i have gigabyte p35 ds4 ,8800 gt just instaled ipc 10.5.6 everything works great but when i am trying to setup itunes 8.2 i have crash kernel. Any solution for this problem ?

    • Vinay Prashar February 15, 2009

      @ athanaso

      reinstall iPC with Legacy Jmicron patch.

  53. Manas Mandal February 14, 2009

    Hi Demoniac

    Thank you for your response. I tried doing boot with “generic.iso: first and then tried with “BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.zip” and in both the cases, I am getting prompt below

    [DR-DOS] A:\>

    Then with both the BootCD, I removed BootCD and inserted the Mac OS X 10.5.2 retail DVD and once blinking light stops, I press enter, nothing happens.

    I have SATA harddisk as well as SATA DVD driver with DVD writer. Please help me.


  54. Demoniac February 14, 2009

    # Download the Boot-132 Generic ISO here.
    If don’t works than download the more modified version.
    # Download Boot-132 ISO with modified kexts here.

    I think you switched them?

    “modified kexts” links to “generic.iso”

    “generic ISO” links to “BOOT-KABYL-BUMBY.zip”

  55. Manas Mandal February 14, 2009


    I am trying to install retail Mac OSX 10.5.2 on a PC with the configuration as below

    Processor Type : Intel(R) Core (TM) 2 CPU E7400 @2.86 ghz Intel EM64T cabable

    BIOS Version : GLG3110H.86A.0004.2008.0318.2233

    I burn Boot-132 Generic ISO into a CD and boot the PC using that CD. It booted and a prompt comes like

    [DR-DOS] A:\>

    Then I removed teh BootCD and inserted the Mac OS X 10.5.2 retail DVD and once blinking light stops, I press enter, nothing happens.

    Please let me know if I am doing some basic mistakes.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  56. Tropics February 14, 2009

    Hey Vinay Prashar,

    Any advice?

  57. nam nguyen February 13, 2009


    my problem in english:

    laptop stops at grey background with apple logo.

    my laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-CR22G

  58. pendel February 12, 2009

    thx for the answers.
    I have already installed osx whit s6 on my laptop.
    Now i think that i ame going to change it to os x server. So i can try some things out for the work. Need to do some projects whit automater, and final cut server software 😀

    If the installation is sucess full, i can write a install howto, if there is intrest from your part..

    ps: i ame not totaly new to osx.. have a powerbook g4, also whit linux ppc.. and osx.

    i just dont whana have to carry 2x 4 kg to my work gg 😛
    If i have sucessfully installed osx server, i can let here a message behind.
    let me know if you have intress in the guid ok?
    thx pendel

  59. Ivan February 11, 2009

    Hi Vinay Prashar! My osX working but no sound. Can you help me with drivers.
    Asus p5k-vm
    Core2Duo E6850 3GHz
    RAM 2X2GB
    ATI x1900xtx
    IDE DVD not respond, changed on SATA DVD/CD Writer

  60. Samuel February 11, 2009

    This will soo not work if you system has an nforce chipset..
    So far iPC , XxX osx86 and iAtkos doesnt support booting the installer from dvd or thumbdrive for nforce chipsets..
    Well.. if you are using intel chipsets you are in luck
    The chipsets and incompatible hardware causes most of the install problems..

  61. rh535 February 11, 2009

    any ideas about the sluggish problem? It is not ready bad, but noticeable.

    Thanks for the help

  62. Tropics February 11, 2009

    Is it possible to do this with a dell studio xps 16, i have tried many times and keep getting errors, heres my specs.

    Mainboard : Dell 0U785D
    Chipset : Intel PM45
    Processor : Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T9600 @ 2800 MHz
    Physical Memory : 4096 MB (2 x 2048 DDR3-SDRAM )
    Video Card : ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 3670
    Hard Disk : SAMSUNG SSD (128 GB)
    DVD-Rom Drive : Optiarc DVD+-RW AD-7640S
    Monitor Type : M077D€160HT – 16 inches
    Network Card : Broadcom Corp BCM4310 USB Controller
    Network Card : Broadcom Corp Broadcom Corp
    Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.01.2600 Service Pack 3
    DirectX : Version 9.0c

    THANKS! I can’t wait to find out lol

  63. johnny44 February 10, 2009

    Me again. Got a kernel panic when poer off. What could be the problem?

  64. Abdul February 10, 2009

    hi Vinay Prashar

    Processor :Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 Ghz (1066 FSB)
    Motherboard : Asus P5LD2-VM SE
    Ram : 2 GB 667 Mhz
    Hard Drive : 160 GB Western Digital (IDE)and also SATA 250 GB
    Graphic Card : XFX 8500 GT 512 MB
    DVD Drive : IDE one

    i have installed mac os x 10.5.4 leopard retail on my pc
    and updated to 10.5.6 directly from software update
    my system sound is not working my system is have Realtek ALC 882 builtin audio
    please gude me to install sound drivers

  65. pendel February 10, 2009


    i ame trying to make a multiboot on my hp pavilion dv5 (model 1030ep).
    I have already the base system, whits is vista. along side i have xp, and ubuntu installed, all controled by the linux boot loader.

    I was wondering if i could add osx x86 to this laptop..
    it is handy for my work, so i that i only need to carry 1 laptop for my work (network admin).
    If nessesary, i can post a lspci dump…

    thx in advances,


  66. johnny44 February 9, 2009

    I have the same problem as Rh535.

    “when i put in my apple disc it came up with the grey apple screen for a second maybe less then my computer restarted. this would happen everytime”

    My motherboard is Intel PM45 + ICH9M. Do you know a solution?

  67. rh535 February 9, 2009

    After finishing up installing vanilla and updating to 10.5.6 my computer is slower. Like switching windows and doing everyday normal stuffs has a little lag to it. Will it always be like this?

  68. Helob February 7, 2009

    Hi Vinar Prashar,
    The OS X 10.5.6 dmg is too big for a SL DVD . I plan on installing it on a bootable USB thumb drive.(Don’t have DL writer)
    What need to be change in step 3 (below) of Phase 1 to accomodate installing the Mac OS X Retain from a thumb drive instead of DVD?

    “3. Remove the BootCD and replace it with the Mac OS X Retail DVD. Wait for the blinking light on your DVD drive to stop and then hit Enter (this will read your DVD drive and not your HD).”

    Thank you for your time.
    Have a nice day

  69. Helob February 7, 2009

    Hi Vinar Prashar

    Is there any available program/scrip that can automate the Phase two processes as outline by you below?


    Phase two >>>

    1. Open Chameleon that you download’s early.

    2. Copy the contents of the Extra directory from the Generic.iso CD by drag & drop in to the Extra Contents folder in Chameleon by following this simple procedure .

    Open the Generic.iso CD from your desktop. >>> Double-click on the INITRD.IMG file. >>> Double-click on the Extra folder. >>> Drag the Extensions folder to the Extra Contents folder in Chameleon

    3. Double-click the Chameleon_DFE_for_Hard_Disk.pkg file and install to your hard disk.

    • Vinay Prashar February 7, 2009

      @ Helob

      One advise for you if you are trying to install OSX86 first time then go for iPC or Kalyway Boot 132 hack is for advanced user who knows basics of OSX86. BTW there is no automated script yet for phase two.

  70. Vinay Prashar February 7, 2009

    @ Sasq40
    Leopard retail works with a dedicated boot 132 for your notebokk try to find it on Insanelymac, Or go for iPC or kalyway Vanilla kernel is as close to retail install try iPC first if not works then kalyway

  71. Sasq40 February 6, 2009

    so are u saying leopard wont work?

  72. Sasq40 February 6, 2009

    http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/2008/GodzillaFX/1015340R/1015340Rsp2.shtml is my comps stats, it seems when i dl the isntall disk to a cd it says its burning all of it but when the cd is doen i only have like 5 gbs on it

    • Vinay Prashar February 6, 2009

      @ Sasq40 for notebook it is always recommended to run OSX86 try iPC or Kalyway

  73. Sasq40 February 6, 2009

    im havin a problem with installing mine, i get bass the screen with just eh apple then i get into the install page but all it does is show a spinning circle in teh corner, any ideas? bootcd seemed to work great for me tho

    • Vinay Prashar February 6, 2009

      @ Sasq40

      What is your hardware configuration.

  74. Mike February 6, 2009

    Hi Vinar Prashar
    Excellent tutorial. Best in class. Only one I came across with all the software downloads included.
    I am dieing to try this out and would appreciate if you can point me to where I can download suitable Boot 132 for my system as below.

    Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3,CPU: IntelCore 2 Dua, E8400,Mem: 2 GB,Graphic:XFX nVidia 8600GT 215MB

    Thanks and have a nice day

  75. Vinay Prashar February 6, 2009
  76. Vinay Kumar February 6, 2009

    My motherboard is asus P5Q PRO.
    Please Can i know which Boot 132 iso is going to work

  77. Jerit February 6, 2009

    Thanks for the info KingofSwing. That is what I had understood as well, but I haven’t been following things lately. I had used the Leo4All v3 install to install back in the day. I had heard about Kaly as well. I might give iPC or XXX a go now that I am wanting to install osx on a different hdd.

  78. Helob February 6, 2009

    Hi Vinay Prashar,
    Excellent piece of tutorial. First time I saw a tutorial with all the supporting documents downloads.
    I am dieing to try it out.
    Would appreciate if you can point me to where I can download the Boot 132 boot iso for my system:
    Mobo: Gigabybte GA-P35-DS3
    CPU: Intel Core Duo 6400
    Mem:2 GB
    Graphic:Nividia 8600GT 215MB
    Thank you for your time.
    Have a nice day.

  79. KingofSwing February 6, 2009

    @ Jerit

    Asrock 4-core dual sata 2 has a ZT 880 Ultra Chipset it’s not possible to run Vanilla kernel for these type of chipsets, you can try your hand on iPC if it works fine,otherwise kalyway is reported successfully with your MOBO.

    @ Ivan

    Try this Boot 132 iso http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?jzznndt2vki for Asus p5

    Happy Hacking….

  80. Ivan February 6, 2009

    Hi Vinar Prashar
    I hope you can help me. Boot 132 CD when i put in my MAC OS X v10.5.4 RETAIL DVD disc, pc came up with the gray apple screen and this is it. Wait about 3 hours but no progress.
    Asus p5k-vm
    Core2Duo E6850 3GHz
    RAM 2X2GB
    ATI x1900xtx

  81. Jerit February 6, 2009

    Hey Vinny, it is my understanding from what I have read that they now have a way for it to run on pre-core processors (i.e. P4’s).


    I have found anything specific yet on my motherboard, Asrock 4-core dual sata 2. Will the generic bootloader work (I wouldn’t think so because its a via chipset) or if not, do you know if there is a modified bootloader for my type of mobo? Many thanks.

  82. vinny February 4, 2009

    Hi everyone is it possible to install it on a P IV 2.4 ghz?
    is a old one..the memory is a 133..i ment old one!!!

  83. BaнXeлcинк February 4, 2009

    Как всегда супер обьёмная статья и как всегда дочитал 🙂

  84. Captain Spalding February 4, 2009

    I have tried Generic and Modified but my computer just restarts once i inserted the leo cd. It loads a couple of lines then goes into a panic and restarts. I have tried so many distros but they do not work for me due to bad downloads of the iso so i need this 132 boot to work for me. My computer details are –

    Laptop Model: TOSHIBA Satellite M100 PSMAAA-020006
    Board: TOSHIBA HAQAA 1.00
    BIOS: TOSHIBA V5.10 12/21/2006
    Memory: Slot ‘M1’ has 2048 MB
    Slot ‘M2’ has 2048 MB
    Video Card: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation – WDDM 1.0) [Display adapter] (2x)
    Processor – 1.73 gigahertz Intel Core Duo
    64 kilobyte primary memory cache
    2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
    Hard Drive: HTS541080G9SA00 [Hard drive] (80.03 GB
    Thank you for your work and your help it is really appreciated

  85. HPN February 4, 2009

    Correction, I get to choose language, start install, then message “Cant install on this machine”

  86. Abdul Dayyan February 4, 2009

    @ Vinay Prashar

    thanks for the mail

    i did every thing you suggested but things did not work for me

    is it necessary to have SATA DVD Drive cause i have IDE DVD drive only


  87. HPN February 3, 2009

    Hi again.
    This time I came to the “star opening screen” – and then “Mac OS X cant be installed on this computer”

    This on empty disc.

    In the mean time Ive tried iDeneb V1.3 10.5.5 with great luck, but I cant upgrade, and some things like Time Machine doesnt work

  88. sined February 3, 2009

    And i forget to say that i tried ISO with modified kexts. Sorry for my english.

  89. sined February 3, 2009


    Thanks for reply. Can you tell me exactly what i have to do because: i start PC with bootcd inside, push F12 to choose startup from cd, then it says BOOT CD:. I put in LEO RETAIL DVD and nothing happens (it loads previously installed darwin bootloader and only thing i can boot is hard disc with installed kalyway leo. In BIOS is set to startup only from cd.

    • Vinay Prashar February 3, 2009

      @ Sined

      Try the procedure on Empty hard Drive.
      Check your mailbox also.

  90. KingofSwing February 3, 2009

    @ Sined

    Download Boot-132 ISO with modified kexts http://www.mediafire.com/?1ne1zbl4znv

  91. sined February 3, 2009

    I’m pretty new to whole hackintosh world, so i hope you can help me.
    I have a PC with two hard discs: one is windows xp and the other is running kalyway leo 10.5 2. I tried to boot with generic bootcd, and when it prompts boot cd i can choose only disc where leo is installed. Cant get it to boot from retail leo dvd.
    Config: gigabyte p965 ds4
    intel core2duo 6400
    ati 1600xt
    seagate sata hd 320GB

  92. Abdul Dayyan February 3, 2009

    hello Mr Vinay Prashar

    i didn’t find ” Enable USB keyboard support in BIOS {if Available} may be because fo i don’t have USB keyboard or mouse

    please help me


  93. Abdul Dayyan February 2, 2009

    thanx alot Vinay Prashar

    i will definitely try ur guide and any particular boot loader for my motherboard

  94. Vinay Prashar February 2, 2009

    @ Abdul

    You need to tweak your BIOS as

    ” Enable USB keyboard support in BIOS {if Available} ”
    ” Configure Sata as AHCI first if works well otherwise go for Sata as IDE ”
    ” Disable Floppy drive ”
    ” Max CPUID Value Limit – DISABLED ”
    ” Execute Disable Function – DISABLED ”

    ” Power Page:
    – Suspend Mode – AUTO
    – Repost Video on S3 Resume – DISABLED
    – ACPI 2.0 Support – YES
    – ACPI APIC Support – ENABLED “

  95. Abdul Dayyan February 2, 2009

    great work mr Vinay Prashar

    here is my problem i downloaded mac os x 10.5.4 retail and both boot 132 iso’s when i put in my apple disc it came up with the grey apple screen for a second maybe less then my computer restarted. this would happen everytime
    my system configuration is

    Processor :Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 Ghz (1066 FSB)
    Motherboard : Asus P5LD2-VM SE
    Ram : 2 GB 667 Mhz
    Hard Drive : 160 GB Western Digital (IDE)and also SATA 250 GB
    Graphic Card : XFX 8500 GT 512 MB
    DVD Drive : IDE one

    is there any modification to be done in bios or can u provide any suitable bootlooder for me
    thanks in advance

    Happy Hacking

  96. Psycholab February 1, 2009

    @Vinay Prashar

    yep, already tried IPC 10.5.6 final, but same with xxx 10.5.6, it just reboots at bootloader F8, guess it has somethin to do with the voodoo kernel or with my bios settings, cant really figure out, the stage xnu kernel from ideneb works flawlessly , all cores detected , but as far as i know this is the only distro with that kernel…
    and yes, we should definitively stay in contact and exchange our efforts and experience…



  97. Psycholab February 1, 2009

    @Vinay Prashar

    yeah, this board is a miracle about 11000 points slightly overclocked in geekbench, kalyway 10.5.2 and ideneb 10.5.5 working out of the box, but i´m no x86 pro brain, guess i´m still a x86 noob, i can´t get the retail version working, i even cant update, retail keeps rebooting at F8, so i cant even install (not even any other distro with 10.5.6), and the 10.5.6 update keeps crashing when installing, i searched insanely mac, but cant get a clue , cause to much knowledge needed, and all the noob tutorials wont work me…, but nevertheless this board rocks!

    guess we´ll have much fun with in in the future…



    • Vinay Prashar February 1, 2009

      @ Psycholab,

      I’ll try my best to make an easiest guide on Reatil install on X58 & i need your support also,BTW you should try iPC 10.5.6 from PCWIZ the most amazing distro ever.

  98. Psycholab February 1, 2009


    i have the gigabyte x58 UD5 F4 Bios and i was wondering if there´s getting retail leo to run…, a special boot 132 disk would be awesome!



  99. HPN January 31, 2009

    This issue also solved, activated ACHI sata in BIOS.

    • Vinay Prashar February 1, 2009

      @ HPN nice so do you have leo now or still stucked anymore.

  100. HPN January 31, 2009

    Now I got this after inserting Leopard disc:

    Loading Darwin/x86
    EBIOS read error: Error 0x32
    Block 1627264 Sectors 64

    (Two last lines displayed 4 times)

    Then “Error encountered…”

    Then grey OSX screen, halts with “problemsign” and spinning wheel.

  101. HPN January 31, 2009

    OK, enable USB keyboard support in BIOS did the trick, one step further

  102. HPN January 31, 2009

    Trying now, but ends up with this text on screen:
    Darwin/x86 boot v5.0.132_dfe_r146_chameleon-pre
    8190;B memory
    VESA v3.0 14MB (NVIDIA)

    Press Enter….. (and so on)

    Then hangs.

    Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3, P45
    Asus GeForce 9800GT 512MB
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400

    Tried both boot132 ISOs, same issue.

    Any suggestion?

    BW HPN

  103. rh535 January 29, 2009

    right before the apple grey screen i get a quick message about attempting to read cpu multiplier.

    There is more information but i don’t have enough time to read it.

    And then the computer restarts

  104. rh535 January 29, 2009

    My motherboard is asus P5W DH-Deluxe

  105. Vinay Prashar January 29, 2009

    @ Rh535 Motherboard is the most important factor while installing the OSX86 on pc tell me about your motherboard.

    @ Nick for laptops it always adviseable to run OSX86 check this guide for your laptop

  106. Nick January 29, 2009

    Would this work on a dell Inspiron E1505?

    Core 2 Duo T2350 1.8 Ghz
    2 GB Ram
    ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

  107. rh535 January 29, 2009

    My hardware

    CPU – Intel Core Duo 2 6400
    Mem: 2GB of ram
    gpu: eVga 8800GTS 320mb
    hd: 120GB ide drive
    dvd: Nec 3540 dvd burner

    i put in the boot 132 modified

    when i put in my apple disc it came up with the grey apple screen for a second maybe less then my computer restarted. this would happen everytime

  108. Vinay Prashar January 29, 2009

    @ rh535 tell me in detail about your hardware & how you started the procedure.

  109. rh535 January 29, 2009

    After i put in the apple retail disk, i see the grey apple logo for a split second then it goes to my bios.

    Any ideas?

  110. Vinay Prashar January 28, 2009

    @ GothicX Thanx for for your attention you are the first who catch it.BTW the links are now edited.

    Happy Hacking 🙂

  111. GothicX January 28, 2009

    # Download the Boot-132 Generic ISO here.
    If don’t works than download the more modified version.
    # Download Boot-132 ISO with modified kexts here.

    Both links are the same…

  112. Vinay Prashar January 28, 2009

    @ joel

    Yup it is possible to dual boot of Retail Install + XP check the guide here.


  113. Joel January 28, 2009

    Thanks for the great tutorial I’m hopefully going to try it tonight. I was wondering though whether or not it will be possible to dual boot with vista using this setup.
    Thanks in Advance