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How to run Mac OSX on Intel / AMD P.C.


How to run MAC OSX leopard on ordinary Intel/AMD machine ? Answer is here first of all you have to download a modified version of OSX called OSX86.Find it on your favorite Bittorrent site.For new user’s i recommend Kalyway you can also check your system compaitibilty here. This guide will show you how to make a Dual Boot 10.5.X OSX86 System with WINDOWS VISTA . Use this guide with your favourite distro { Kalyway | iAtkos | Leo4all | Jas | iDeneb | iPC }

1.      First of all you have to install Vista. It’s easy and I m sure that you are familiar with it.

2.     Now comes to  Partitioning before installing OSX you need to have a partition of minimum 10 GB recommended 20 GB+ . The partition must be formatted as FAT-32 Primary Partition.

You can use Partition Magic or Gparted live cd or Windows Disk Management.

3.      Boot into Windows installation and open Command Prompt { Start < All Program < Accessories < Command prompt } With Administrative Privillage and run following commands.

4.      In command prompt type DISKPART and press enter . Here we are using DISKPART for making HFS compatible Partition.

Command Preface
DISKPART> list disk ” This will show you a list of selectable disks. “
DISKPART> select disk n [where n = the disk number]
This will specify which disk to create a new partition on
DISKPART> create partition primary size=n id=af [where n = the size in MB of the partition, For 20 gb space n will be 20000 ]
[where af = hfs+ compatible]
Will proceed to create a bootable primary partition for the Mac
DISKPART> list partition ” This command will show you the partitions on your selected disk “
DISKPART> select partition n [where n = the newly created OSX partition]
This will specify the partition
DISKPART> active ” This will make your OS X partition the first-boot active partition “
DISKPART> Exit Exit from DiskPart………..

5.      In Windows Vista you must disable User Account Control [ UAC ].

6.      Put your DVD in rom and restart your computer with the DVD in Drive,now you should see Darwin load screen.

7.      As counting starts press F8 key and you will be able to have some more option’s.

8.      Now type -V and press enter now enterd in VERBOSE mode here you are able to see any error if your screen freezes for more than 15 minutes than note last three lines and google them to find out a solution for your problem. If every thing goes fine after 15-30 minutes installation screen appear’s hold your breath we are not quit yet here.

9.      On the top a menu bar appears click Utilities >> Disk Utility.

10.  Here select the destination drive where u want to install Mac OSX.

11.  Now click on ERASE on right hand side and under the format option select
” MAC OSX Journaled Extended ” and click Erase. Now the disk will be erased and mounted once this done you are very near to near to your destination.

12.  Now close the disk utility and click on the partition which you created at previous

13. Now the most important section Customize in this section you can customize the installation option choose wisely make a search at wiki.osx86project.org & Insanelymac.com with your hardware configuration & find successful installation combination.For most of the INTEL based systems Vanilla Kernel works very smoothly & for AMD system try Voodoo kernel.It is also recommended to remove all the extra unnecessary languages as they take up about 2 gigs.

14.  Now your disk will be checked for consistency than installaion begins. It will take 30-45 minute’s as your hardware.

15.  Once the installation finishes, reboot with the DVD in the drive. Press F8 at Darwin Boot Loader and type -s and press enter.

  • Execute the following commands :

fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0
flag 1

16. Now before the PC restarts remove the DVD. At this point you should be able to boot into Vista normally.


Now you have two option’s Boot with Darwin Bootloader or use VISTA bootloader.


For Darwin bootloader follow these instruction.

If you want to use darwin bootloader than skip the step 15.
Darwin has its own dual-boot menu which is easy to activate, just press F8 on your keyboard before the Darwin boot loader prompt and Apple boot logo.The dual-boot menu might appear by itself depending on whether or not the install disc automatically sets the time-out period for you.
If you want to create a time-out that will allow you to select which OS to boot from without pressing F8, follow these instructions:

Firstly, load up Terminal (Applications/Utilities/) from within OS X, then type:
sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist

edit the Darwin time-out flag accordingly:


Press CTRL+O and then Enter to save the file, after which you can safely close the session by pressing CTRL+X.
– x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x  – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x

For VISTA bootloader use this guide .

Put the Vista Installation Disc into your DVD drive and restart to boot from it. Click Repair System, press next and then select Command Prompt Type DISKPART and press Enter.

Command Preface
DISKPART> list disk ” This will show you a list of selectable disks. “
DISKPART> select disk n [where n = the disk number]
Select the disk which Windows Vista is installed to
DISKPART> list partition This will show you the partitions on your selected disk
DISKPART> select partition n [where n = the Windows Vista partition]
This will specify the partition
DISKPART> active Will make your Windows Vista partition the first-boot active partition
DISKPART> Exit Exit from DiskPart………..

Reboot into Windows Vista.
Next, you can either follow the command line BCDEDIT instructions below, or use EasyBCD.

Copy CHAIN0 from your Mac OS X partition or Installation Disc to the root of your Vista partition C:\.

– x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x  – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x

For Vista Bootloader you can also use BCD-EDIT.

1) Boot into Vista. Copy the chain0 file from the Leopard DVD to C:

2) Open the “Command prompt” with “Elevated Admin” privileges from the Start Menu.

3) Type the following into the prompt

bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Mac OS X”
bcdedit /enum active
bcdedit /set {GUID} PATH \chain0

4) In the first command type {current} as it is, literally..nothing else..just {current} with the brackets. In the 3rd command however, replace the {GUID} with the alphanumeric GUID you see in the enumerated list under MAC OS X. You can see this list on your terminal as soon as you type the 2nd command above.

5) Close the Command Prompt and Restart Vista.

6) You Should now be looking at a screen with two options to boot into Mac OSX or Vista.

Select Mac OSX to see if you can boot into it. You should see the familiar Darwin boot Loading screen with the timer going down. If you dont do anything, then it counts to zero and again shows the menu screen with Vista and MAC OSX options. Dont panic!

Again select MAC OS X, and now as the timer counts down, Press F8. You would see a list of partitions on your disk with their names. Select the partition with MAC OSX installed by using up/down arrows and press ENTER.

– x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x  – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x – x

More guides of Interest :

If you find this guide useful to you than digg it for raisimg my moral………………..



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  1. Gabriel Castelo May 26, 2009

    Hi there, I just find your site ‘cos i was looking some help on internet. I would like to install a OSX86 in a VirtualBox (Java) I’m using Ubuntu system in my laptop now and it has a AMD64 Turion 2 processor. How can i do it? I’ll appreciate some help. Thanks a lot

    • Vinay Prashar May 26, 2009

      @ Gabriel We haven’t any successful report with Virtualbox but Vmware is working with a special image you can find it on Demonoid.

  2. neocor May 25, 2009

    Hello Guys,

    i have been trying all the different distributions and even tried to install the Retail Leopard with Boot 132 hack but to no avail.

    The installation goes perfectly but when trying to start OS X it reboots.
    with the retail install using 132 hack the reboot occurs at the time of installation itself when the retail DVD is read and the apple logo comes up.

    My System is

    Asus P5W DH-Deluxe
    E6600 Core 2 Duo
    8GB RAM
    200GB SATA Drive
    HD 4350 Video card

    Looks like i am missing a small thing dont know what.
    Please help


  3. PChip May 24, 2009


    Was successful in installing iPC OSX on a Dell E521 (AMD Athlon 64X2 Dual Core 3600+ – 1.9 GHz., NVidia GForce 6150LE, Broadcom 440x 10/100 NAC,Sigmatel 9227 Audio) on a new 500GB WD HD. All seems to be fully functional. Thanks for your guides! Need a little help though. I have a Promise Ultra66 ATA controller that I am using to access a zip drive and an additional CD/DVD writer. Are any of the optional drivers compatible with this PCI card or can you recommend a replacement card so I can use IDE hardware on this setup?

    Thanks again!


  4. mfx April 28, 2009


    Want to install OSx on new PC and have OSX 10.5.6 < Leo4All however having issues trying to install 🙁

    Have seen and got another OSX Hackintosh however, not tried yet as I seem to be missing something, or so I sense.

    What else do I need to install excluding your instructions please?

    Also if any easier I do have an original OSX Operating System Disk for a Macbook Pro, would that be better and again what would I need to do?

    Machine Spec :

    Processor :i7 920 2.67
    Ram :OCZ 6 Gb Tripple Ram (3x2GB)
    Graphics Card :ATI 4870 1024Ram DD5
    Mobo :EVGA X58
    Raptor Sata hard drives.

    I do have Vista available however would rather use XP as I personally despise Vista and the amount of Harddrive space it consumes.

    Is it not possible to purely install the OSX and then install XP using OSX bootcamp, which is preferrable…happy to buy a spare harddrive if needed.

    Once a hard drive has been formatted to NTFS is it possible to format to Fat 32 as the instructions state?

    Think thats it for now…thanks and I really want to get this working if possible, so support really appreciated.

  5. Addnan Mashraki March 25, 2009


    Really Nice tutorial you have done a good job, keep it up.
    Actually I have a doubt fo which I need your help, My doubt is that I am using 2 HDD, with XP installed on master drive and MAC OSX10.4 installed on slave and now i am unable to boot Mac without DVD & also am not getting boot menu option for dual boot so if i put dvd then i can boot to mac otherwise it directly goes to XP, Can u please guide me or send tutorial on my mail id.

    Thanks & best regards,

    Addnan Mashraki

  6. Striker March 23, 2009

    During the installtion of the kalayway mac OSX on My system it is not able to detect my Hard disk.I have tried all the Kernel. But its is ab;e to detect On my friend system with intel platfrom. I am Using Kalyway MAC OSX 10.5.2
    The config of my system is
    Mothe Board: ASUS M2N VM DVI
    RAM: 2 Gb DDR3 *00 Mhz
    Hard Disk: e-SATA 250Gb Seagate
    Processor: AMD Athlon 5600
    So CAn Any One help ME out.

  7. michael March 12, 2009

    Thanks! I got it installed but when I try to boot into Mac OS, it freezes at the Grey Apple screen. It’s right after the darwin boot where I select to boot into either Vista or Macos. Help? Thanks again though can’t wait for this to work!

  8. Amit Meena March 10, 2009

    you are doing a great job man……

    i really apericiate your efforts………

  9. Fahd March 9, 2009

    try iATKIOS 5.5.intel to toshiba u305 succesfully
    sound Realtek, wifi intel 4965agn, network Driver not detected.

    • Vinay Prashar March 9, 2009

      @ Fahd, Give my Hardware ID like Realtek 9200, Intel v pro 100 lan card etc. you have mentioned software revision.

  10. Anton March 6, 2009

    Парни, вы на каком языке разговариваете? И вообще что за сайт. Я не исключаю того варианта, что я просто переработал и меня глючит, но моему тут какой-то ломанный русский или что-то такое… Или все в порядке но крышу у меня уже сорвало…

    Guys, what language do you speak? And even for that site. I do not exclude the option that I just processed and glyuchit me, but I think there is something to break Russian or some such … Or in the roof but I have prevented …

  11. Coooltush March 1, 2009

    Hey hi, just found this site by search nearby feature in Twitter.vinay, I tried to once install osx I. My p4 computer bud did not get it! I tried for a full week installing,reinstalling and then re-re-installing.and finally I loaded windows onto it. Now I wanna buy a new CPU so can you tell me the cheapest way to get an osx86 compatable parts.I mean the processed, motherboard. Ect so that I don’t get any hardware problems, and also with minimum complexity.I want to run osx on it from the day one. So please sujnest me what hardware I should buy at the cheapest cost. Comment here, email me or @ me at Twitter. My Twitter is Twitter.com/coooltush .you can find me in your followers.

  12. TTR February 28, 2009

    Hi Vinay,

    I made the logical drive as primary using parition manager, I even made it active, but in the start of the installation, it throws following error:Waiting on …. I googled about it but could not find any solution..I tried running with -x -v paramters but still no luck..

    Apart from this error, it showed me this one too: (related to ACPI) http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/1548/booterror.jpg (Screenshot)Any kind of help is appriciated.

    Aah one more thing, I just noticed that, I ended up downloaded the beta version of iPC OSx86 10.5.6 from rapidshare.. can it be culprit?

  13. TTR February 28, 2009

    Is it possible to install it on a logical drive? If not, is there any way to make it a primary?

    I tried many things but till now no success.

  14. Alex R February 26, 2009

    Mikeer said:

    A pretty good beginers guide, but:

    Step 2 – You don’t need to create a partition there, diskpart does it for you (and sets it as primary).

    Okay, is this true? Does this mean that we can ski step 2? Or should we just shrink the single partition that we have and leave the unallocated space for diskpart?

    I’m kind of confused if step 2 is unnecessary.

    – alex

  15. Kwabenalexx February 19, 2009

    So far IPC is the only one the was able to detect my on board partition HDD but unfortunately,Mac utility cannot format it giving me errors like
    ”Invalid B-tree node size’ volume check failed. Also i get ‘Invalid BS_jmpBoot in boot block’..
    Can anyone help me with this.I hooked up a USB HDD to it,and it was recognized and installation but close to 98% completion, it says installation failed with ‘Run preinstall script for ALC883ad2”
    Pls help me…

  16. sarge February 18, 2009


    IPC installed fine after resetting drive to ahci and guid. However, Intel Pro 100/VE onboard ethernet refuses to work despite working flawlessly with Kalyway 10.5.2 and Iatkos 10.5.5. It actually worked one time with the AppleIntel8255x.kext fix and providing device and vendor id (0x27dc8086). However, upon restart ethernet was recognized but computer thought cable was unplugged. Haven’t been able to change that no matter what I do. Thinking of trying the XxX or Ideneb distro to see if my luck is any better there. Do you know whether Ideneb is an update or based on retail?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. dpr February 17, 2009

    i finally install the iPC! the problem now is that the osx86 doesnt recognized my usb mouse :S so im searching for a solution… thanks for the tutorial!!!

    • Vinay Prashar February 17, 2009

      @ dpr Try accessing your BIOS during boot (some F# Key). Hunt around for USB options and enable them including “Legacy USB devices”. That might do the trick.

      Or while installation install ▼ USB Driver ▼ Patched USB Drivers

  18. dpr February 16, 2009

    i cant partitionate in the command propmt in win vista =S:
    “There is insufficient free space to create a partition at the specified size and offset.”

    I have 163GB of free space, and i want a partition of 50GB to OSx86… what i can do?? :S HELP!!

  19. wildthang February 14, 2009

    using ipc 10.5.6 installed fine and works good with dual monitors and web and everything.. When i rebooot, cant find hard drive?? wtf? I set the installation drive as the default boot device. Still nothing? I am using a dedicate 500GB hdd should i use an alternate bootloader?

  20. Sarge February 13, 2009

    Still playing with IPC using vanilla kernel. After installation from DVD, I get the “Waiting for boot device with UUID” and a string of numbers. Never can boot because IPC is “still waiting for root device.” I think there may be a problem with BIOS settings or possibly I need to reset the active partition. Hardware should be compatible as installation goes off without a hitch.

    Any ideas?

  21. Sarge February 13, 2009

    Thanks again for all the helpful information, Vinay. I was able to install Kalyway and Iatkos 5i without incident. Audio and Ethernet issues were also resolved per solutions on Insanelymac. IPC got stuck at “still waiting for root device” after installation. Oh well. So at what point does one become advanced enough to go for a boot-132 install? The idea that an update at any moment might send everything crashing down makes me want a cleaner, more stable OS.

    • Vinay Prashar February 13, 2009

      @ Sarge
      At moment you are on vanilla or hacked kernel, try experimenting with iPC because it is most advanced distro with the biggest hardware support ever.

  22. bryan February 10, 2009

    Vinay I was wondering if you can give me some pointers.

    I have the IPC 10.5.6 release and cannot boot it up the screen freezes trying to load. I have been reading around but there is a lot of things it seems it may be and every system is different from what I have learned so far. So here are my specs, maybe you can send me to a guide for my system. I have an HP m8120n

    Brasswood3G 1.05 (mainboard) P965/G965 chipset (intel 82801HB ICH8)
    Q6600 Kentsfield Quad Core
    everything pretty much stock except 8gigs dual channel PNY memory
    Vista Ultimate 64x on 1st hard Drive
    Vista Premium 32X on 2nd hard Drive (partitioned for OS X as well)
    upgraded power source and gonna see if I can slip an Asus 9800gt to replace the current 7600 I believe it is

    Thanks for any help


  23. Sarge February 9, 2009


    You can delete my last post. I have installed the Kalyway distro and all seems to be working fine except no ethernet and no audio. Off to IM to find the fix!

    Thanks again!

  24. nick February 8, 2009

    i install Vista & Mac OS X but when I select to boot in mac OS X the computer only restart…..

    i follow all the steps of the tutorial….

  25. sarge February 7, 2009


    Thanks for all of your posts and information. It is very helpful. I am running the following hardware:

    Board: Intel Corporation D945GCF
    Chipset: i945G/GZ

    Can you suggest the best way to install OSX? I’m thinking of installing a second SATA hard drive and attempting to use the Boot 132 method. I also have the IAtkos, IPC and IDeneb distros on DVD. Also, I am very much a noob. Been using windows for almost 20 years. Have owned a macbook pro for about two months and know virtually nothing about UNIX.

    Thanks in advance.

  26. 11x February 7, 2009


    ive been reading alot of guides about dual booting OS’s and i think yours has been the most helpful xD

    just one question

    will the mac leopard on a pc run garageband and such apps?


    • Vinay Prashar February 7, 2009

      @ 11X

      Yep, you can run iLife, iWork or such applications except Boot Camp.

      @ Sarge

      Boot 132 hack is for advanced users only, Starts with kalyway without any customization if works fine otherwise keep experimenting with iPC

  27. Fredr February 7, 2009


    Same as Mistersme and alanakko: Can you send me such a guide?
    I’d like to keep my XP setup and not have to switch to Vista

  28. Mistersme February 5, 2009

    @ Vinay

    Can you mail me a link to that perfect guide as well? Would be much appreciated!

  29. We Buy Ugly Houses February 4, 2009

    What a nice theme

  30. alanakko February 4, 2009

    hey thanks alot for that m8…. nice one

  31. alanakko February 4, 2009

    so does it have to be vista, or will it work dual booted to xp??? hate vista big time.. lol

    • Vinay Prashar February 4, 2009

      @ alanakko
      Yep, you can make a dual boot wuth XP also sooner i’ll mail you the link for perfect guide.

  32. Emil February 1, 2009

    How i have installed it,
    But every time i start i need to have the dvd in,
    Or else i get a error and cant start mac os or vista

    Please help me

    • Vinay Prashar February 1, 2009

      @ Emil

      I’ll talk to you in E-Mail check your inbox.

  33. Vinay Prashar February 1, 2009

    @ Emil

    Got your link
    Disable Floppy Disketee , 1394 { firewire }

  34. Emil January 31, 2009

    Motherboard Name MSI Amethyst-M

  35. Emil January 31, 2009

    i have a pc

  36. Emil January 31, 2009

    How do i se witch motherboard i have?

    i am using iATKOS_v1.0ir2

    • Vinay Prashar January 31, 2009

      Do you have a Note book or PC. You can use Everest Ultimate to check your hardware.

  37. Emil January 31, 2009

    @Vinay Prashar

    Will you help me?

    How do i disable firewire in bios, here is my hardware:

    AMD ATHlon(tm) 64 Processor 3700+ 2.20 GHZ

    NVIDIA GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM)

    1 GB RAM

    And im running Windows Vista

    • Vinay Prashar January 31, 2009

      @ EMIL

      I have mailed you BTW tell me about your motherboard & OSX distro.

  38. Emil January 30, 2009

    @Vinay Prashar

    How do i disable firewire in bios.

    i dont see anything in the bios menu?

  39. Emil January 30, 2009

    okay thanks (:

  40. Emil January 30, 2009

    when I try to install I get this error:

    ERROR: Firewire unable to determine security mode; defaulting-secure

    Can you help? (:

  41. Vinay Prashar January 30, 2009

    Yep, this guide is optimized for dual boot OSX + Vista.Win & beta doesn’t support Diskpart.Try your luck with Vista or if possible grab a new HDD for OSX.

  42. bdub January 30, 2009

    amd turion processer 2.0 ghz
    3 gig ram
    it is sse2/3
    now i am running windows 7 beta which might screw stuff up i dont know

  43. Vinay Prashar January 30, 2009

    @ bdub tell me about your hardware & software details

  44. bdub January 30, 2009

    i cant seem to get past the verbose mode step my computer just keeps rebooting

  45. Lesbiche January 25, 2009

    Nice site you have!

  46. Mikeer January 25, 2009

    A pretty good beginers guide, but:

    Step 2 – You don’t need to create a partition there, diskpart does it for you (and sets it as primary).

    Step 9 – You forgot to mention that Disk Utility must be opened.

    Step 12 – After this step the user should select the packages (the Customize button, I believe). iPC for instance puts all their drivers there, don’t know about other releases, but they probably do that as well. It is also a good idea to remove all the extra unnecessary languages as they take up about 2 gigs. AMD users should select the appropriate kernel because they can’t run vanilla (amirite?).

  47. Paul Andre January 24, 2009

    What a nice theme


  48. makuchaku January 19, 2009

    How about putting up a small video of the hack? 🙂

    Good luck for the website 🙂