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How to Install Windows on Mac OSX with Boot Camp.


Apple Introduces Boot-Camp To install Windows on your Mac without Help of VMWARE & Parallels Like Third Party Software’s. It is very easy to install using Bootcamp Read the following guide Twice or Thrice & you’ll be able to do it without any problem.

1. Open the Boot Camp Assistant by choosing Hard Drive | Applications | Utilities and double-clicking its icon. Another way to get to Utilities is to choose Go | Utilities while in the Finder. An Introduction window will appear & gives you Advice : ” Print the Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide, so that you have it handy once you’ve booted your Mac into Windows, and back up your system before continuing the Assistant, so that you don’t lose files if something goes wrong during the partitioning process.

2. Click Continue to move to the partitioning options.

3. By default, your Windows partition is set to 5GB. Click the Divide Equally button if you prefer to split your drive between the two operating systems, or click the Use 32GB button to automatically set the Windows partition to occupy that much space on your hard drive. You can also customize the size of the partitions by clicking the tiny dot that separates them and dragging it to the right to reduce the size of the Windows partition , or to the left to increase its size. Check the documentation that came with your Windows CD or DVD for size requirements.

4. When you’re ready, click the Partition button, and the Boot Camp Assistant begins partitioning the disk.

5. Once the disk is partitioned, insert your Windows installation CD or DVD and then click the Start Installation button.

6. Your Mac reboots into the Windows installation disc. Follow the onscreen instructions to install Windows, but be sure to compare the steps to those in the Boot Camp Installation & Setup Guide.

7. Eventually you are asked to format your Boot Camp partition. Choose either the NTFS (recommended), FAT, or SLIM-N-TRIM file system for your Windows install. Once again, I must admit that I made up the SLIM-N-TRIM file system, but I don’t see why Microsoft has to pick on overweight file systems by calling them names.

8. Once the installation process is complete, your Mac boots up into Windows. Insert yourMac OS X installation disc and wait for the Boot Camp installer to open. The Boot Camp installer installs drivers that are needed by Windows so that it can play nicely with your Apple hardware, such as your Mac’s built-in iSight camera and video drivers.

9. Click Next to begin the installation.

10. Choose to install the Apple Software Update for Windows. Allow the installer to complete its process in peace; do not touch anything until the installer is finished! When you see the Finish button, click it, and then restart your Mac.

11. When your Mac boots back up, you see the Boot Camp Help window. It’s a good idea to read through the Help window’s contents to find out the little ins and outs of using Windows on your Mac.


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  1. endoks March 20, 2010 Reply

    how to install mac on windows 7,, i after install, but audio can’t hear please help me

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