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AMD Phenom II Overclocked at 6.5GHz World Record.


amd AMD Phenom II setting a new world record for 3DMark scores by overclocking to a whopping speed of 6.5GHz. A whopping score of 45,474 3DMarks.The world record was set on Janurary 10 2009 in Las Vegas.The processor is the first quad core processor in history to break the 6.5GHz in a public showing. Due to intense heat that is generated by such speed, the processor was cooled by a combination of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen to a temperature of -232 degrees Celsius.

Check the Super Ultra Cool Video below.


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  1. Хелен February 28, 2009 Reply

    Мне бы житкого азота. Я бы свой проц разогнал.

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